Kerry to assist Russia 3 times more than Bush does?

US Democratic Party claims that it will pursue the policy recognizing “the importance of Russia” if it wins the coming presidential elections.
This is a promise from the election program of the Democrats. The program  was unanimously approved by the Democratic Party Convention in Boston on July 27.

There are only two paragraphs оn Russia in the program. One paragraph is in the chapter about preventing terrorists from obtaining weapons of mass destruction. "Democrats will pursue the policy towards Russia which will recognize the importance of this country. This policy will promote the key interests of the USA in the sphere of security linked with Russia’s historic transformation – starting with mutual work on guarding nuclear arsenals and materials”, states the document. According to it, such materials and weapons in Russia are “vulnerable”. 

The Democrats say that “the Berlin wall fell more than 10 years ago, but Russia still possesses about 20,000 nuclear warheads and materials sufficient to create 50,000 nuclear bombs". The authors of the program wrote that the international programs on improving the regime of storing these weapons and materials have not been completed and “the world still relies on the measures undertaken by Russia itself”. "If we move with today’s tempo, it will take us 13 years to safeguard the nuclear materials of the former USSR. We will do this in 4 years”.

The program mentions the issue of Democratic reforms in Russia as well. "We are stating again that observing human rights, law-abiding, new-born democratic institutions and independent media are integral part of Russia’s integration in international structures and global economy”, says the US Democratic Party.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova