Disgrace: Greed puts 50 million at risk

UN Consolidated Appeals receive just 750 million USD of the 3 bn. required
Two hundred thousand million dollars has been squandered by Washington in its illegal act of butchery in Iraq. Meanwhile, elsewhere, 50 million people have their lives at risk because the UN Consolidated Appeals for three billion dollars has raised a paltry seven hundred and fifty million.

"The response is far too little, too late for millions of victims in
forgotten emergencies", stated Jan Egeland, Director of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

168 Humanitarian organizations trying to deal with 25 crises affecting 50 million people have received just 23.6% of the funds they need, as donations decrease for the third consecutive year.

The developed countries complain that their internal economic engines are not healthy enough to afford large-scale donations to allocate the funding needed. However, as hundreds of billions of dollars are spent targeting water supply systems, schools, the electricity supply, sewage treatment and conveyance systems and residential areas in Iraq, leaving swathes of land radioactive, leaving cluster bombs lying in housing estates, slaughtering or mutilating tens of thousands of innocent people, how can it be explained that for instance, in Madagascar, less than 150.000 USD of the 9 million needed has been allocated?

Indonesia received just 2.2% of the money it needed to help it recuperate from devastating floods and an earthquake.

One of the crises receiving most funds, curiously, was Chechnya, where some aid packages have been put to dubious causes.

Where money is needed, it is not allocated because the situation in question carries no political clout or provides no financial payback. If aid packages are to be allocated on the basis of providing a means to interfere in the internal affairs of other nations or as an investment, what a sorry statement on the development of mankind.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova