“I don’t care about your European Union!”

European officials are very excited about the idea of “Europe with no borders”, but they are not aware that Americans still know nothing about the EU and do not care much about it.
The EU spends much money on advertising itself, just remember what pompous celebration was held for the 10 new states' joining the EU. However, all this seems to impress only the EU officials in Brussels.
Public opinion poll conducted by Gallap, demonstrated that 77% of Americans know nothing about the EU (40% of the respondents said they knew absolutely nothing). Only 3% percent of the respondents believe that they are well-informed of the EU.

Only 20% of the Americans know that the population of the EU after its expansion surpassed the population of the USA more than by 1.5 times.

Many Americans believe that, contrary to the USA, the EU plays no positive role in solving the key global issues, such as providing global economic development, fighting the war against terrorism and protection of environment. 

In addition, Americans doubt if the EU will become a superpower like the USA. 44% percent of Americans say the EU will become a superpower while the same amount of them believe this is hardly possible or impossible, Washington ProFile reports.

It would be interesting to know if Americans consider the EU as the power being hostile to the USA or not. Probably, the sociologists did not ask this question on purpose not to see a shocking response.

However, there is little to be surprised with: Americans’ lack of interest to the events outside the USA is a well-known fact. Even rapid hi-tech development does not improve the situation. Nor the fact that the USA has had long-standing political and economic ties with the EU countries.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova