Chechens confront US troops in Iraq

USA is not aware that Chechen thugs are fighting against Americans in Iraq.
Let us remember how much criticism Russia faced for “genocide” in Chechnya. Chechen terrorists were glorified as heroes in Europe and in the USA, the Western countries hired lawyers for them and invited them at human rights conferences. After 9/11 there was less excitement, but Western politicians still claimed that Chechen terrorists were fighting for independence.

However, Saddam Hussein was announced international terrorist with no evidence.  By the way, Saddam did not let Chechen and other terrorists to come to Iraq.

According to Russian Intelligence Service Abroad, the units of Chechen terrorists penetrate in Iraq since June 2003 through Syria. Today there are 2-3 thousand Chechen fighters in Iraq. Their command is in the so-called Staff of Iraqi Resistance located in Syria. The Staff controls the  main anti-American groups in Iraq: the unit led by Abu al-Valid, the successor of  killed “Black Arab” Khattab who was fighting in Chechnya, Army of Mohammed and Wahabees (radical Muslems). Iraqi guerillas from the former Iraqi Army officers look like kids in comparison with these groups being notorious for their atrocities. If Iraqis chose whom to attack, for the newly arrived fighters nationalities do not matter. There is no difference whom to cut throat: to Russian or to American. Both are enemies.

Note: every Iraqi fighting the occupants is promised the salary of $500 by Osama bin Laden.

Nikolai Bakhroshin

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova