Israel: Terrorism and War Crimes

Massacre in Rafah

A helicopter fires at a Mosque, missiles are fired into residential areas, snipers fire at ambulances...according to Israel, these are acts of self defence. Others would describe these actions as acts of terrorism and war crimes.

The Israeli Armed Forces are conducting a large-scale military operation in the Rafah refugee camp, with the objective of destroying tunnels used by Palestinian terrorists to move weapons around. The operation was launched after Palestinian extremists killed five Israeli soldiers in a bomb attack against an armoured car last week.

As usual, Israel uses a sledgehammer to crack the egg, perpetrating the most shocking act of State Terrorism since the United States of America launched its act of butchery against the people of Iraq.

Thousands of people have fled, leaving behind their few possessions, 12 people have been murdered as the missiles rained in on residential areas, without any regard as to who the victims are, be they terrorists or innocent women and children. A helicopter gunship was seen firing at a Mosque in Tel Sultan, 100 homes have been bulldozed to the ground, over 1,000 people are homeless and sources in the Palestinian security forces have reported two incidents in which ambulances were fired at by Israeli snipers.

Unfortunately such incidents are common practice by the Israeli Armed Forces, whose heavy-handed and wholly inadequate response to acts of terrorism are no more than a reaction in kind which generates more hatred and determination and never constitute a constructive move forward.

The result is a flood of complaints from the international community and a placid acceptance that Israel acts as it pleases, flouting international law like its master, Washington, and nothing is done. However, the world cannot look on and stand idly by while Israel commits war crimes, in breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention and perpetrates acts of ethnic cleansing.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov