Forgotten victims of Chernobyl

On the verge of another anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, which took place in now Kiev, Ukraine, Chernobyl victims plan to participate in a national solidarity demonstration.

The demonstrators plan to make public their demands from an acknowledged proposal signed by the president of “Union Chernobyl of Ukraine” Yuri Andreev. The document states that the recently adopted state budget-2004 does not guarantee even elementary survival of Chernobyl victims. For instance, Ukrainian government has given only $2,5 USD for ambulatory treatment of one of the victims of the tragedy.

In the meantime, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, 94,5% of those who took part in liquidating the catastrophe (i.e. rescue workers, volunteers), are all considered ill. At the same time, significantly lower percentage (89,8%) of local residents who have been evacuated from the region have been diagnosed with illnesses connected to high radiation levels. 79,8% of children are also currently sick. Real numbers. However, the actual numbers appear to be even more frightening, since the overall accuracy of Ukrainian medical statistical analysis has been rather questionable in the past few years.

“The Ministry also notes that indicators of mortality rate of Chernobyl victims have drastically increased in recent years. Mortality rate of the catastrophe liquidators is on the rise as well. The highest death rate is among adults who live within the radioactive territory.”

Health Ministry of Ukraine admits that this year's Ministry's budget does not allow it to aid all victims of the tragedy.

As for the victims of Chernobyl, they are also interested in social problems as well as the medical ones. The above mentioned statement also reveals that today the government can afford only 1 ticket to a sanatorium per 100 whoa re in need of such treatment. They are also promised housing “in 1000 years.”

Authorities however are getting ready for the upcoming 18th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov