Foreign allies root for Kerry

The U.S. administration has a right to know what particular foreign leaders will support George Bush's main opponent Democratic Senator John Kerry in the upcoming presidential elections.

This has been reported by Vice President Richard Cheney in his Monday's address before activists of the Republican party in Arizona.

Senator John Kerry “says his ideas will be supported by at least, some unnamed foreign leaders, with whom he often communicates,” declared Cheney.

After Senator's speech in Pennsylvania, “one of the voters asked Senator Kerry to name those foreigners. Kerry replied, “This is none of your business!” This is indeed our business, since the candidate claims it himself that he had been granted support of foreign leaders,” said the vice president.

“At least, we deserve to know what exactly he talks about with those political leaders, since they so willingly wish to support his candidacy,” stated Cheney.

Senator Kerry refused to name leaders of foreign countries in the course of his election campaign in Pennsylvania last Sunday who, according to his earlier last week's statement have been privately supporting him and expressing their hopes of Bush' defeat at the upcoming presidential elections.

“I am not going to disclose my private conversations,” stated the senator. At the same time Kerry admitted that he undermines a number of countries that consider themselves American allies.

I am talking about those people, who should have been fighting on our side in Iraq, but failed to do so because today’s administration had forced them not to, said Kerry.

Source: Ria “Novosti”

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova