Indonesians are angry at the USA, and Thai people say Americans are ignorant

Indonesian Foreign Ministry criticized the annual report of the US Department of State on the situation with human rights in some countries (including Indonesia).
This document “has set the new standard of ignorance about what is really happening in Indonesia”, the Jakarta Post quoted official representative of Indonesian Foreign Ministry Marti Natalegava.

”Indonesian people, not some bureaucrats from Washington should judge the situation on human rights in Indonesia”, said the Foreign Ministry representative. 
In the US Department of State’s report accused Indonesian military fighting against separatists in some provinces, of  torturing, killing and torturing civilians.
The US foreign Ministry also criticized Jakarta’s position on the rights of native people of some islands.
 "The country must be confident in its own conduct relating to human rights before judging others", Mr. Natalegava said in his comment to the report.
 In addition, Prime Minister of Thailand Taksin Chinavat criticized the report. He called the friendship with the USA “useless”. 
"What kind of friends are they?”, the Prime Minister posed a rhetorical question. “They are the friends who every year undermine the reputation of their friends. Such friends are useless”.
Mr. Chikavat said that one cannot accept the report based on the media stories, and the US Ambassador in Thailand will receive official note of protest.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova