Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova

North Korea possesses atomic bomb?

North Korea denies the allegations of having the program of manufacturing enriched uranium, meanwhile the US urge to stop this program.  
Head of North Korean delegation at negotiations in Beijing on solving the crisis around North Korean nuclear program Kim Ge Guan denied having this program, but said that North Korea has “nuclear containment force”. He did not elaborate, but mentioned that Pyongyang
would not like to have this force permanently.  
North Korea claims it had to create this nuclear force because of fearing possible US aggression.  
North Korean delegation Head confirmed the intention to stop the nuclear program in response to simultaneous relevant measures taken by the USA.
 At the same time, Head of US delegation James Kelly said at the negotiations’ opening that Washington demands absolute, irreversible and verified termination of North Korea nuclear programs, including the program for enriching uranium.

Source: RIAN