The Crusade

The United States once again opens the hunting season for the world's №1 terrorist.

This is not the first operation in the course of the past 2.5 years. The main goal remains the same: to capture Osama bin Laden. (PHOTO REPORT)

Up until now, the search has not yielded any positive results. Pakistani-Afghani border remains the main searching area. However, there exists one problem: the border between the two nations stretches through a mountainous area which is difficult to access. An entire army can easily hide there, let alone bin Laden with a few guards. 

Nowadays, a specially strained unit Task Force 121, who captured Saddam Hussein December 13 of last year, is preparing to hunt the “Al-Qaeda” leader. It is difficult to say at this point whether the operation will be successful. However, judging by the whole fuss in the media around the new “hunt for bin Laden”, George Bush' administration considers it to be an important move. Even if it is of purely propagandistic character…

George Bush himself has mentioned “Al-Qaeda” in his speech before Republic governors past Monday. According to him, “Al-Qaeda” has been attacked, but it is not fully defeated. Bush added that he is doing everything in his power to destroy this terrorist organization.

It should be noted that Bush' speech did not focus solely on bin Laden and his organization. Bush stated that the main source of terrorism had resided in Iraq. After dealing with him, “we’ve brought peace and freedom to the Iraqi people…”, said he. The American president considers it his main job to provide security and freedom not only for those living in America but worldwide. He also informed of his intentions to fight for the American interests throughout the world.

And on Tuesday of last week, Americans witnessed another speech, that of the №2 person of “Al-Qaeda”, bin Laden's closest friend, Aiman Al-Zavahiri. The audiotape with his message was broadcasted by “Al-Arabia”. Actually, the major portion of Al-Zavahiri's message was not dedicated to the US but to the recent proposal of the lower chamber of the French government regarding the ban on wearing religious attributes in schools. According to Al-Zavahiri, such decision contradicts those ideals of freedom, democracy and human rights, which the West is so proud of. He also mentioned that such law will trigger the beginning of the new Crusades against Muslims.

Remarks about “ideals of freedom and democracy” certainly appear to be novel in the speech of bin Laden's associate. It seems that the “Al-Qaeda" leaders imitate rhetoric of their main enemy—American administration. Who could have imagined that terrorists will ever defend democratic ideals… Especially, if they already have one defender in the face of the American president.                

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov