Spain Regrets Supporting Iraqi Campaign

Like many other countries, Spain believed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction
The Spanish Government has admitted for the first time that "it might have made a mistake when decided to support the Iraqi campaign," governmental press secretary Eduardo Zaplana says. 

The Europa press agency reported on Saturday that the statement was made because the opposition insisted that documents of the Spanish National Intelligence Center must be declassified.

The opposition states that as well as America's CIA, the Intelligence Center of Spain did not inform the government that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction or that Saddam Hussein was connected with al-Qaida. Nevertheless, the Spanish authorities voiced their support to the Iraqi campaign and tried to convince the population of weapons of mass destruction being held in Iraq and of Baghdad's contacts with Osama bin Laden. 
Eduardo Zaplana admits that the government of Spain might have been mistaken as it acted consistently like many other countries that believed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. The press secretary of the government says the assurance was based upon reports of UN monitors who, as Zaplana adds, "never claimed Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction." 

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Author`s name Michael Simpson