Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova

US neo-Conservatives new concept

The USA have developed the concept of completing "struggle against evil", wrote the La Stampa.
The concept has been elaborated by the group of neo-Conservatives led by Richard Pearl, one of the closest allies of US Minister of Defense Donald Ramsfeld, and David Froom, the author of the "axis of evil" theory. The name of the new concept is "Eradicating Evil", and the authors named their 285-page paper "the textbook of victory".

The authors of the concept believe that after overthrowing and capturing Saddam Hussein, the USA should “deal with the other two countries of the axes of evil" - North Korea and Iran. However, the ways of "interaction" are required to be changed.
In case of North Korea the option of "air and sea blockade can be applied as it was in Cuba in 1962". The primary objective of the USA is forcing Pyongyang to undertake full nuclear disarmament while China will be intermediary in this process. For Iran it is offered to repeat the Polish scenario of the 80s: to support internal opposition by providing it with capacities for communication and money. According to Perl and Froom, full and open support of Iran's internal opposition can result in collapsing this Islamic republic.

The authors of the concept reproach the Department of State for "excessive shyness" and call it to be tough on the issue of Syria. For the country "which is weaker than Iran" "tougher" measures are required. Perl and Froom offer to lay ultimatum for President of the country Bashar Аsad to comply with the demand to stop any support of Hezbolla militants, give out the Baath Party members who escaped from Iraq, remove troops  from Lebanon and implement a number of reforms. "We should let President of Syria know that refusal to accept all these conditions will result in worse consequences than compliance with them".
The concept also dwells on the issues of dissolving Hezbolla and Khamas terrorist organizations, and France is included on the list of the countries supporting these groups.
Jacque Shirak is represented in the concept as the image of the enemy. He is blamed for having aspiration to oppose the European Union to the United States. To interfere with implementing these plans, Washington is required to ask each European leader whom he supports. Froom and Perl offer to limit the influence of Paris as follows: all decisions within the framework of the NATO should be made by the military committee (Paris is not its member) and support the expansion of EU to reduce the influence of France.
The authors of the concept consider Saudi Arabia to be "the biggest threat". They offer "lay siege to this Arabian kingdom” by presenting proofs of its involving in terrorism, punishing the Saudis assisting terrorists even if they are members of the royal family and forcing Er Riad to stop any financial assistance to radical Islamic organizations. If Er Riad refuses to comply with these requests, the USA will support separating Eastern provinces rich in oil and populated by disenfranchised Shiit minority and in this way "to solve the problem Saudi Arabia".

Perl and Froom also presented the plan of the measures on toughening the regulations for entering the US, moving around the country and providing assistance to terrorists. Such actions should be accompanied by a number of radical reforms: FBI is required to pass from the Ministry of Justice into the submission of the Ministry of Home Security, CIA Director George Tenet should be dismissed from his post. In addition, during the appointments in the Department of State political beliefs of the candidate for the position should be taken into account. There are too many "pigeons" (supporters of peaceful conflict resolution) in the Department of State in counterbalance to "hawks" - the proponents of tough foreign policy.