Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov

Saddam will be physically abused before the trial

Special instructions will be executed for Saddam Hussein's questioning procedures. The instructions have to follow strict guidelines of Geneva Convention concerning war prisoners, since Saddam is a former Iraqi leader as well as a former commander of Iraqi armed forces. This has been reported by "The Washington Post" on Monday. The newspaper in turn refers to an unidentified source from the White House.

Several Washington officials do not exclude a possibility that Saddam's questioning procedures will follow similar guidelines often used to question international terrorists, such as Al-Qaida, for instance. The guidelines have been affirmed by the White House  Legal Services. These instructions allow to cause physical pain to a person (up to a certain degree) and to cause certain level of discomfort.

According to the newspaper, other methods include sleep deprivation, forbidding to use a restroom as well as to sit in a comfortable position. "The Washington Post" notes however, that some of these instructions will most likely be changed in the case of Saddam Hussein. After all, Saddam is not a terrorist, states RIA "Novosti".

Source: Strana.Ru

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