Buying "American establishment" openly

Media attack on Saudi Arabia and revealing "corrupted establishment" can be the Republicans' weapon in the battle for White House.

A new wave of accusations against Saudi Arabia in sponsoring terrorists rises. This time it is headed by “US News and World Report” magazine. For five months its journalists investigated financial streams of vakhabit Islam radicals. They received access to American and overseas secret documents, even to the CIA’s secret group “Group for Illegal Financial Operations” reports.

According to this investigation results, Saudi government has spent US$70bln in last few years to support vakhabit bands. For such support many semi-official charity organizations were created around the globe, which sourced funds for train camps, arms purchases and new insurgents recruiting.

But the most interesting finding is this. According to the magazine’s information, American special services in 1996 already did report to higher commandment that the Saudis finance terrorists. But they were not allow to stop this by sold out officials from Department of State and other offices, who claimed that foreign policy priorities in regards to Saudi Arabia are more important than terrorism.

According to the magazine’s sources, such behaviour was caused by “American establishment frank payoff with oil”. The magazine claims: “Investigation services veterans say Saudi money made US officials look another direction. Billions of dollars in contracts, grants, cash were given to many ex-officials, and even to the ministers”. Another thing is that Saudi Arabia possess colossal financial power, holding more than US$600bln in American securities and banks.

It is possible that this publication would hurt US-Saudi relationships, which were already damaged after the 9/11. At the same time, attention should be pointed to a few thoughts arising after reading such publications.

Firstly, the texts referred to 1996 year, when it was a democrats’ government in the States. From here, the second point. After 9/11 the US secret services have been widely accused in inefficiency. A special Ministry of Security was even created to foster cooperation between special services. But as it follows from the “US News and World Report” publication, the services were reasonably effective. They were stopped by corrupted politicians and officials of the State Department and “other offices”. Which all were headed by democrats at the time…

Democrats are not accused straightly, the text speaks of some “American establishment”. But it seems that “Saudi billions” will be used many times in the coming battle for White House.

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Author`s name Pavel Morozov