Author`s name Pavel Morozov

American soldier may be fired for marrying an Iraqi girl

American NAVY officer who married an Iraqi girl is threatened to be retired by the army chiefs, who have already reprimanded him. Advocate of the 27 years old Sean Blackwell says his client is “guilty of falling in love”

After the marriage he was not allowed to visit his wife, who works as a psychiatrist. He met her while guarding one of the hospitals. Patrolling the Baghdad streets, he escaped his comrades, run to the bride to turn to Islam and then legally marry. He can be accused in breaching the duties and disregarding the orders.

Blackwell’s mother told about his letter, where he says to be waiting to come back home before the Christmas. However, it seems like he will have to part with the family: it is difficult for Iraqis to immigrate to the US, so he with his wife Edaa aim to go to some European country instead.

His advocate hopes that even if nothing can be done in the court, Blackwell can write a book which would be screened as a melodramatic movie. “The worse his punishment would be, the more negative will be the press reaction”, the lawyer said.

Blackwell’s friend Brett Dagen (37 years old), who also married an Iraqi at the same ceremony on the 27th of August also has problems, but for different reason: his wife’s relatives pressuring him to divorce.

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