US to exclude Russia from the "Great Eight"

A new project has been presented to the US Senate regarding Russia’s expulsion from the “Great Eight”, reports “Echo Moskvi” [Echo of Moscow] with references to Washington’s independent sources.

An address to George W. Bush reads that American president has to initiate Russia’s expulsion from the elite club of world’s powerful nations. He is also urged to discuss such matters with leaders of other countries as soon as possible. Such offer has been initiated by republican senator John McCaine and democrat Joseph Lieberman, reports
McCaine’s and Lieberman’s offer has found major support among American lawmakers. Congressmen Tom Lantos of Democrats, for instance, has stated the following in his interview to “Commersant”: “Five years ago, Russia received a tremendous opportunity to join industrial elite. However, they are entitled to annul the initial invitation. The time has come for Russia to realize all major aspects of democracy: law enforcement, independence of court system, freedom of speech and people’s unhindered participation in country’s political system,” stated the congressman. Lantos also mentioned that “questions regarding advantageous aspects of democracy in countries of former USSR have always been first brought up by US Congress.” 

Lantos also stated that “he is alarmed by recent moves of the Russian government aimed at suppressing freedom of speech and freedom of press.” “That is why I, along with senator McCaine and senator Lieberman, have signed a resolution to disrupt Russia’s membership in the ‘Great Eight’ until its leaders will abide by truly democratic principles.”  This information has been provided by “Grani.Ru” website.
 A thought to exclude Russia from the “Great Eight” is not novel. Famous billionaire George Soros, for instance, has once threatened to “punish” Russian President Vladimir Putin for Hodorkovsky’s prosecution. “Bush needs to show Putin that he is going the wrong direction,” states Soros.

Sources: Russian press