Bomb for Kim

Rumsfeld: the US can use nuclear weapon against North Korea

Donald Rumsfeld is visiting the South Korea. As expected, the main topics is the situation around the Korean peninsula. Rumsfeld sticks to his words: the US will defend Korea from the "northern threat" and will use nuclear weapon if there is a need.

As it follows from the officials' behavior, Washington is back on the principium of the maximum roughness to Pyongyang. The USA declined the peaceful negotiations plan submitted by China. 

According to this plan, the US had to guarantee security to the North Korea (on two-sided basis), while the participants of the negotiations (Russia, China, Japan, South Korea) were to witness this. Experts think that Chinese in fact were middle-men, as the plan was developed in North Korea (or at least the Chinese negotiated it with Pyongyang).

Washington, however, still declines a two-sided agreement with DPRK. Recently George Bush offered to give the country guarantees on multiple-sided basis, but it was clear that the Northern Korea would decline that. As DPRK holds, only the US threatens their security and hence the agreement has to be between the two countries only.

Rumsfeld's aggressive claim and toughness of Washington's negotiators can negatively affect the second round of negotiations planned this December. Before the dates called were between 13 and 16 of December, now diplomats prefer to speak of "interval between the 10th and the 20th", and so there is no sureness it will happen at all. And even if it will, what will be the result.

As to worsen the situation around these negotiations, information appeared that Taiwan government is going to hold a referendum on the country's independence. Beijing reacted very roughly, threatening to use military forces, what can provoke war, as the US constantly proved they guarantee to protect Taiwan. Certainly, the "military alarms" around Taiwan are often, and there are no signs that this time it will go beyond the spoken threats. However, if Beijing and Washington start diplomatic war on the Taiwanese question right before the Korean negotiations, we have to forget for an uncertain time about any positive movement there.

Author`s name Pavel Morozov