Jessica Lynch did not make a single shot, but instead shot naked with soldiers

All the Lynch legend is fiction.

"They (American generals) have  used me onlyto create a heroic halo for themselves. This is not right", said Jessica Lynch. According to her words, the Pentagon's comments that Jessica fought until the end and wounded few Iraqi soldiers, when her column was under attack in El-Nasiriya. "Only four people who were there with me could have told the truth, but they are dead now. I am the only one who could say: yes, I shot back. But this has not happened…"

In reality, during that Iraqi attack, Jessica was on her knees praying for god to save them. "All around was dark, I couldn't see a thing", recalls Jessica.

The second part of the story (the one about Jessica rescue) is apparently fictive to a greater degree as well. The rescue troops did really arrive to the hospital where footage of Jessica being taken out to the helicopter was screened. However, on contrary to the official Pentagon version, there was no resistance in the hospital, as all fedains had gone by that time, and the physicians were more than friendly and happy that the American captive is being taken from them.

Jessica owes her salvation to Iraqi lawyer Mohammed Ode al-Rehaiv. His wife worked in the hospital where Jessica was put to, and when he saw Lynch there, "his hear filled with pity to the foreigner",  and went to the American troops location, risking his life, to inform about a captivated soldier in the hospital.

The situation was further inflamed by Larry Flint, an infamous publisher of "Hustler" erotic magazine. In his possession there are photos of Jessica with open breast and fully naked, together with other soldiers. The photos were taken at the military base where Lynch was preparing to the "responsible mission" in Iraq.

Disputes on whether Flint will publish these photos took more attention in America than the reality of the private Lynch story. At the end of the day, Flint said he would not do this. According to his words, these photos were sold to him by soldiers, "who wanted everyone to see that this lady is no apple pie", but he will not publish them as Lynch "became a small girl in a dirty game of American government", said Flint, and also added: "Some things are more important that money. Time after time all of us need to do good deeds"

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Author`s name Pavel Morozov