A Story of Another Jessica

Everyone is familiar with Jessica Lynch's story. At the time, America was in need of a symbol of courage and suffering, a martyr, if you will. America got what it wanted. For better of worse, that is a different question… There recently sparked a scandal in the US. Jessica Makek, Sergeant of the National Guards, has stated in her interview to one of the radio stations in Rockford, IL that Mr. Bush had in fact been lying to American troops when sending them off to war. At least, this is how her speech was portrayed by David Hail, a journalist of a rather conservative edition of the IllinoisLeader.com.
The journalist claims that in the course of the Sergeant's interview to the WNTA radio station, Jessica's exact words were: "I think, that many soldiers consider that they have been lied to about the real reasons of the war." A considerable portion of her interview was dedicated to the weapons of mass destruction. Namely, about a lie regarding WMD. "We have spent six months there [in Iraq] and still have not found anything," said Jessica. "If there were any weapons over there, we wound have found them by now."
The Sergeant, whose official nine-month vacation is getting to an end, plans to return to Iraq in the nearest future. In her interview to the radio station, she has also mentioned a considerable change in Iraqi peoples' attitudes towards American troops. Unfortunately, such change is not for the best. According to Mrs. Makek, Iraqis used to  be more sympathetic at first. She could not quite describe the actual reasons for such drastic change claiming that the issue was too personal.
Obviously, her interview caused Makek serious problems. She was threatened to be "disciplined" by the National Guard commander. As far as Jessica is concerned, she has already returned to Iraq. She did however mention to her husband Ron of the probable trial for criticizing actions of the commander.
Chris Boman, a person who has initially interviewed Mrs. Makek has stated that David Hail had in fact misinterpreted Jessica’s words. Boman claims that he does not remember the Sergeant calling Mr. Bush "liar". It has only been said that the President "did not state the entire truth".
In any case, the story of what has or has not been said by Jessica Makek is far beyond the issue of precise quoting. The thing is, in the summer of 2003, Ron Makek has sent a letter to the Congress expressing his fear for his wife's life. The letter has later been published on site www.MoveOn.org (an Anti-Bush site supported by George Soros, who has recently donated several million dollars to its development). The site has also published a petition asking the Congress to investigate those unsuccessful searches of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
Makek's letter has caused a considerate resonance. It was mainly due to his letter that several hundreds of thousands of people have signed the petition to the Congress. It is interesting to assume whether these two events have anything to do with each other. If Jessica will be tried (and imprisoned?) for criticizing her commander, her reputation along with her husband's will definitely suffer. The site MoveOn.org will suffer just as much.
It can also be assumed that both Ron and Jessica have become involuntarily involved with these political games. Or have they?

Vasily Bubnov
Source: Pravda.Ru 


Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov