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Bush Objects to Publication of 9/11 Investigation Results

US President George W. Bush strongly objects to giving publicity to the results of the parliamentary investigation of the 9/11 tragedy details, Russia's news agency RBC informs.

The US president spoke at a press-conference in the White House and said that publication of the 9/11 investigation results saying that Saudi leadership was connected to the acts of terrorism would benefit "America's enemies". He added that publication of the provisional results might also "compromise the investigation".

At the same time, the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee Richard Shelby, Associated Press reports, suggested the initiative of making public 95 per cent of the 9/11 investigation.
It should be mentioned here that the White House refused to declassify the part of the investigation allegedly saying about possible relations between representatives of the Saudi government with some terrorists who organized the 9/11 acts of terrorism. According to White House Deputy Press Secretary Scott McClellan, the declassification of the documents demanded by the Saudi government and members of the US Congress will jeopardize the national security of the USA and may hamper the 9/11 investigation.

Earlier officials studied the report by the Senate Intelligence Committee and said that high-ranking officials in the Saudi leadership had provided hundreds of millions of dollars to charitable organizations that might help with organization of the 9/11 acts of terrorism. 
In the report of 28 pages circulated on July 24, the Committee pays the emphasis on Saudi Arabia. At that, the report doesn't say that Saudi authorities financed terrorist groups, while the whole of the report describes the fact in detail.

Saudi Ambassador to the USA in his turn refuted the information. Saudi Arabia Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal said the accusations of the country of any connection with the 9/11 acts of terrorism in the USA were "useless and unfair". Being on a visit to the USA, the Saudi Foreign Minister said that the country was unjustly defamed with the suspicions of being connected with the terrorist acts. The minister says the Saudi leadership is distressed with the fact that the USA is suspecting Washington's loyal ally within the past 60 years of any connection to terrorism. 
Meanwhile, Saudi Interior Minister Prince Nayef said in an interview with the Arab newspaper Asharq al-Awsat that majority of Saudis arrested on suspicion of organizing the 9/11 acts of terrorism belonged to the al-Qaeda international terrorist group. According to the interior minister, over 200 people organizing terrorist acts were arrested in the country within the past two months; about 15 people were killed for showing resistance during the arrest.

Prince Nayef says that Saudi Arabia won't extradite Saudis blamed for terrorism. He meant Saudi citizen Omar al-Bayum charged by the US authorities for organizing the 9/11 acts of terrorism in the USA. 

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