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American Companies Armed Iran For Many Years

US special services discovered that 18 American companies supposedly supplied weapons to the country
As a result of an investigation of illegal supplies of military technologies to Iran agents of US special services discovered that 18 American companies supposedly supplied weapons to the country.

Associated Press reports that through London's company Multicore Ltd., related to the Iranian military, Teheran was supplied with spare parts for the F-14, F-4 and F-5 battle planes, to the S-130 troop-carriers, Hawk anti-aircraft missiles and military radars. 
The information is spread by the Immigration Bureau and the War Crimes Investigation Service. No charges have been brought yet; violations of the act on control over weapons export are being investigated.
In this connection Pentagon Inspector Joseph Schmitz declared that "lives of US pilots were jeopardized with the illegal military supplies." The investigation is being held at the time when the USA is intensifying the pressure upon Iran; it also demands that Iran must stop supposed experiments with nuclear weapons. The USA demands that American companies must stop all kinds of contacts with Iran which may give the country more advanced military technologies.

Intelligence agents focused on activity of Multicore for the first time in February 1999 when special services suspected that a Californian branch of the company supplied spare parts for F-14 fighters to Iran. A search was held in the company in December 2000 when thousands of spare parts for battle planes and cruise missiles were discovered at the storehouses of the London company. Soon after that, two workers of the company were found guilty of violating the agreements on arms export. A brother of one of the men, Sorosh Homaini was arrested in London; his activity is still investigated in Great Britain. In 1998, the USA sentenced the criminal to 21 months of imprisonment for an attempt to start illegal export of military radars; later he was expelled from the USA.
A Multicore spokesperson in London with whom Associated Press contacted denied that the company illegally supplied weapons to Iran. Representatives of American companies insist they had no notion that their weapons further went to Iran; many of them deny that they had any kind of contacts with London's Multicore. Majority of US companies are now cooperating with the structures conducting the investigation.