Author`s name Margarita Kicherova

Summit Meeting of the Four Presidents: Any Results?

With the aim to expand the economic ties and to develop the regional cooperation-stability between the Former Soviet republics again the member presidents of the four countries met in Almati under the banner of Central Asian Cooperation Organization

The above said summit meeting was attended by the presidents of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan on 5-6 July 2003. It may be noted that since 1994 presidents of the four member states have signed more than 214 documents and in last 2002 they met four times so far but till date unfortunately the result is unknown regarding strength of cooperation in the states.

Commenting on this meeting of the four presidents behind closed doors a question arises "Will be any concrete result of this summit meeting or this time too will be included in the pages of history like a formal summit meeting? Concrete results mean not favorable conditions for an ordinary citizen or for a small business person but for the society. Restoration of cooperation means best relations between the neighbor countries with brotherly relations, settlement of all border issues, water sharing and joint survey of natural resources, unification of banking systems and to put a barrier for the drug dealers in the regions. The USSR is no more but the above said four countries needed each other very much. This truth should be accepted by clean heart, not as a result of a dirty political game.


Today no one can object that everything inherited by those four countries from the USSR and achieved by them during twelve years of independent development are impressive. And if these countries will really strengthen regional cooperation and will proceed forward together they may achieve more by proving correctness of the saying "Five fingers joined in the first are much stronger than those five separate fingers."


On 5-6 July Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan were the focal point of this summit in Almati. President of the Uzbekistan Mr. Islam Karimov stated that "We should do every possible step so that the whole region move towards stability and interstate and interethnic accord, and so we could say that our future is stable and can look into the future with full confidence. In this regard, we should rely on our own strengths, above all on mutual understanding."


In his turn the president of Kazakhstan Mr. Nursultan Nazarbaev addressing the member presidents and the delegates told that "It is the time to start the job instead of talking. During last years we have signed a lot of documents, but unfortunately could not move forward. We have to determine the sequence of acts in chalking out and implementing the projects and we may approach international financial organizations in this regard. When every one will understand that this is a beneficial for all we will pass the final decision regarding strong integration of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan."


This is clear that the both presidents supported integration and the rest two also officially shows same interest. That means now needed only concrete step-efforts. If the member states will agree on some final points, then of course the world will welcome such moves. More over, international financial organizations like EBRD, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, as well as other grant funding groups, will be ready to render loans and aid also in this case.


Now, if we sum up the summit meeting in Almati we can come to the conclusion that the four countries officially share same interests and when the real cooperation will develop automatically number of problems will be solved like illegal migration, water sharing, resources of the region, border control, security etc.


In particular, if this dream comes true then many developed countries will loose their peace and will start political efforts to put obstacles on this road, because every interested person knows that the policy of the CIS countries changes like weather. That is why now needed that all four member countries should proceed for practical steps for real integration, otherwise it is too difficult for them to achieve something jointly.




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