Presidential Election in Azerbaijan: Like Father Like Son

Geydar Aliyev runs for presidency together with his son Ilkham Aliyev

The coming presidential election in the republic of Azerbaijan may become a unique event both in the political life of the Caucasian republic in particular and in the world practice on the whole. It does not happen every day, when father and son run for the one and the same position. Ilkham Aliyev (Ilkham Aliyev is the son of Geydar Aliyev, the Azeri president)  has been nominated owing to the efforts of the Nakhichevan State University. A lot of Azeri politicians come from the town of Nakhichevan, including President Aliyev.

The fact of Ilkham Aliyev's participation in the election is not a surprise. People have been talking about it for years, although it was not known, how Geydar Aliyev was going to bless his son for the election race. To all appearance, a possible presidential status for Ilkham Aliyev has caused a big commotion in the political life of Azerbaijan. At the end of May it was reported that Geydar Aliyev was going to refuse to participate in the election on account of his state of health. It was said that Ilkham Aliyev, the president's son, would run for presidency instead. However, the information was rejected very quickly and Geydar Aliyev announced that he would take part in the election despite his poor health and venerable age.

Local observers believe that Ilkham Aliyev's nomination is a rather logic step to make for Geydar Aliyev's followers. It is connected with Geydar Aliyev's health again. If he refuses to take part in the pre-election struggle for health reasons, his son will play the role of insurance, having gained his father's votes. This is a very good way to guarantee the succession of power for the Aliyevs. There is not risk in this decision at all.

At any rate, it is too early to say that Geydar Aliyev will not play an important role in the Azeri politics. He has already proved to be a very smart politician. The only enemy that Geydar Aliyev has is his own age, he has no political adversaries of the same influence in the republic. On the other hand, 14 people have already expressed their wish to run for presidency in Azerbaijan.

Author`s name Olga Savka