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Klitschko's First Interview: "They Should Have Given Me a Chance"

Klitschko says results of the match are distressing
Several days ago Vitali Klitschko lost the fight with Lennox Lewis on a technical knockdown after six brutal rounds. The controversy about the match has already faded away and now we have a chance to consider the situation in detail.

- Vitali, how do you feel?

I am OK; I don't feel I've lost.

- They say that surgeons pit in 6 stitches on your face.

Bad news travels quickly. First of all, it was plastic surgeon who pit in the stitches; second, there are much less stitches in fact.

- What can you say about the doctor?

I want to say one thing, the doctor didn't examine me; he didn't touch me and asked no question about my health. He just glanced at me and withdrew.

-Vitali, as far as I know you are planning to issue a protest and demand that results of the match must be declared void.

I wouldn't like to comment on this so far.  

- You know, much is spoken now about a return match between Lennox and you. Do you think it will take place?

One thing is for sure is that HBO Sports is interested in organization of a return match. I also want a return match and hope that Lewis will agree to hold it as well. In fact, the results of the fighting distressed me greatly. I could become a world champion but…. They should have given me a chance to continue the fighting.

- Do you think the doctor and the referee made a fair decision to stop the match?

It is difficult for me to say. I know that many boxers felt much worse but all the same were given an opportunity to continue the matches.


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