Author`s name Michael Simpson

Ukraine Wants Russia to Pay for the Downed Tu-154

Ukraine says that the ill-fated military exercises were held in a testing area which was under Russia's jurisdiction
Lawyers of the Ukrainian government are considering the possibility of sharing the responsibility for the downed Tu-154 between the Ukrainian, the Russian military and the Sibir (Siberia) airline.

The lawyer firm defending interests of families of the killed Tu-154 crew members informs that one of the governmental lawyers Oleg Aleshin spoke about sharing the responsibility on Wednesday.

Representatives of the plaintiffs say that Aleshin explained the initiative the following way: “the exercises during which the air liner was downed were held on a testing area under Russia’s jurisdiction. In addition to the government of Ukraine, the Defense Ministry and the State Treasury are also respondents on the case; the Treasury says Ukraine’s guilt hasn’t been convincingly proven and refuses to pay compensations to relatives of the crash victims. 

A court in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, is considering a suit instituted by the family of second pilot Boris Levchugov and three joined suits more. The suits were instituted by relatives of 13 killed passengers and crew members, by 15 relatives of the killed pilots of Tu-154. The sum total of the claims exceeds 50 million hryvnas (over $9.4 million).

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