American Camp Discovered Near Baghdad

A French journalist was taken to the camp by mistake, says conditions are unbearable
Britain's Observer newspaper reports that US military are illegally keeping over 3,000 of Iraqis in a camp set up near the Baghdad airport. According to the newspaper, a part of the captives are civilians, but the people are kept in conditions resembling those of the US military base in Guantanamo. A French journalist was arrested in Baghdad by mistake and taken to the camp; the man says that some captives are sitting with their hands tied up in the back and their faces are wrapped.

Last week, the captives revolted against unbearable living conditions. Journalists were told in the US Department of Defense that "the conflict had been settled down with efforts of the American military." 

The newspaper mentions at that, the International Red Cross has several times appealed to the US military command for a permission to let Red Cross experts examine the captives. However, the organization hasn't got any official reply yet.

Author`s name Michael Simpson