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Fireworks Disaster Suspect Walks Free

Fireworks disaster killed about 22 people, hundreds were wounded
Three years ago a major disaster hit Dutch town Enschede. A fireworks company exploded on 13 may, a sunny Saturday, killing about 22 people and wounding hundreds. Yesterday Andre de V. suspect in setting fire to the business was set free after a controversial police investigation. Both owners of the fireworks company went to jail for a year, but have appealed the verdict.

It looked like the war had come back to Enschede. The town was heavily bombed in WWII, and the results of the fireworks disaster had the same impact. A complete district was destroyed and it was a miracle that not more people perished in the inferno. Luck had it that two heavy explosions made onlookers run for cover before the third killer explosion wiped away everybody in the vicinity killing firemen and journalist who came to a small fire on the terrain. The question who started the fire isn't answered to this day. It remains clouded with questions.

Three years ago police started a large-scale investigation to determine who is responsible for the tragedy. Finally they determined a suspect. This man, Andre de V., was brought to justice and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. It caused an outburst of suspect in court claiming his innocence and wrestling with guards. His calls didn't go unheard. Two policemen who played a major role in the investigation came out in a highly unprecedented move with their vision. They claimed that there were much more suspect and that the evidence against Andre de V. was tempered with. They would have liked to broaden the investigation, but claimed that their superiors had set their sights on Andre de V. Also an undercover agent who talked to De V. in jail wasn't completely sure that statements he made against this agent were relevant, but they where used to get a conviction. On appeal the judges ruled that De V. wasn't the man who had set the fire. In this judgment the statements of the two policemen played a major role.

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