Belarus Set to Do its Best to Avert Humanitarian Catastrophe in Iraq

Belarus is ready to do its best to avert humanitarian catastrophe in Iraq, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko disclosed on Wednesday in his annual address to the Parliament.

According to the president, along with the overwhelming majority of countries Belarus is exerting every effort to restore law and order and maintain the system of international security.

After occupying almost the whole Iraqi territory, US troops have not yet presented even collateral evidence of production and storage of mass destruction weapons by Iraq, though this was the major pretext for the war, the Belarus president remarked.

"It is evident at present, that the main aim of the action is to set up new law and order in the world with a privilege for the only superpower to use forces on its own authority", Lukashenko underlined. "Criticising America, the Belarus side is not gloating over its casualties, however".

"We can and must develop good relations and find positive solutions of existing problems with the US," the Belarus president stressed.