Author`s name Petr Ernilin

Tashkent Forum Discusses International Terror - 15 March, 2003

`Resistance to terror`, such is the dominant item on the agenda of a meeting currently held by the Partnership for Peace consortium's working group in Tashkent. The consortium comprises military academies and research centers of many countries studying security problems. The meeting has brought together security experts from the USA, Europe, CIS and Central Asia.

Participants in the two-day forum will consider problems of combating international terrorism and religious extremism, exchange opinions on the current military and political situation in the Middle East and Afghanistan, and discuss the vital issues of the region's security.

The consortium of military academies and research centres studying security problems is an international organization set up to promote military education and research in the field of security through development of cooperation between designated institutions of various countries. At present, the consortium has 18 working groups with representation of over 200 organizations from 42 countries, members of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council.

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