Pentagon’s Third Eye

With reference to information confirmed by reliable sources, The Washington Post published the following information a couple of years ago: “At least within the period of 1979-1989, special groups of extrasensory individuals and clairvoyants were actually employed by the American military department.”

Authors of the investigation don’t doubt that these groups keep on functioning even now. Journalists  think that within several past years Washington have been employing not only Delta team professionals for fighting with terrorism and disagreeable regimes, but also those who, as the White House, the US Department of State and Americans generals assure, don’t actually exist at all. There were some people who on conditions of anonymity told about “some strangers in longs attires of bright yellow, orange and brown colors. God knows for how much time they have been in the way of intelligence officers at the Fort Meade base in Maryland.” Masters of “occult science” must help the CIA and the Pentagon determine places where captured hostages are kept, where headquarters and armament storehouses of international terrorist organizations are situated; they must also distantly influence upon conduct of leaders of these groups and upon decisions they take; these people also train telepathic sharpshooters and do other work of this kind. This is a national program code named Jedi.   

It seems that the American newspaper managed to obtain archival documents of the Pentagon that unveil one of the program’s projects called Open Flame. With the help of “magicians” intelligence of the military department tried to find out where hostages taken in Iran in 1979 and in Lebanon in 1980 were kept and under what conditions; they also wanted to find out the fates of military men taken prisoners.

According to classified documents, extrasensory individuals achieved considerable success in this work. A report numbered 8125, the one to which The Washington Post refers, reveals that three extrasensory individuals indicated an Italian city where General James Dozier was kept after he had been kidnapped by Red Brigades terrorists in December 1981. Clairvoyants mentioned that the general was kept in Padua eight days before he was released. And very experienced clairvoyant Joe McMonigle even managed to discern interior of the room where the general was kept.

On special instructions of the US Joint Committee of headquarters commanders of November 23, 1979, over 200 clairvoyance seances were held with a view to “have a look” at Teheran. Clairvoyants described even details of the uniform of Iranian soldiers who guarded hostages taken in the capital of revolutionary Iran. In 1980, this time under the aegis of the military intelligence, 113 seances were held to identify the whereabouts of American citizens captured by Arab extremists in Lebanon.
Official representatives of the Pentagon said they had no comments on the Washington Post article as facts mentioned in the publication were unknown. One of the spokespersons, however, confided that attempts to work with people introducing themselves as extrasensory individuals were ceased in 1995 already. 

Vladimir Mikhailov

Author`s name Michael Simpson