Argentina: Bombs to the powerful

Small bombs were set off outside the offices of Argentina's two main political parties Monday and foreign companies Friday shattering windows but causing no injuries. Authorities, as usual in Argentina, are puzzled as no suspects have been identified.
Friday's attacks outside a branch of the US owned Citibank and Telefonica, the Spanish owned Telephone Company, have been attributed to a new (terrorist?) organization unknown until now. However, nobody claimed for the last two, to the ruling Peronist Party and the former party in Government, UCR - Radicals -.

It smells bad. The National Intelligence Agency (SIDE) usually performs this kind of activities, unless reasons always remain in the shadows. They also create terrorist organizations and even sometimes appear on the TV in black masks to scare the population. Unfortunately, these actions usually hurt some people and frighten the naive TV audience.

However, authorities try to look serious when something like this happens and declare to the press what Government spokesman Alfredo Atanasof said yesterday: "The attacks appeared to be linked. Perhaps committed by fringe groups''; and that's it.

Whoever masterminded the explosions knew very well which were the targets to attack, taking into account people's anger nowadays in Argentina. Banks, utility companies and political parties are usual addressees of people's claims during protests and demonstrations before and after the riots of December last year.

All in all, the attacks had a positive result: for the first time in many years the divided political class agreed in something. Of course, all of them aiming to protect themselves and the powerful corporations they represent, from "the attacks to democracy".  

Hernan Etchaleco

Author`s name Olga Savka