Mexico Says UN Should Not be a New Red Cross - 9 April, 2003

Mexico started its first presidency over the UN Security Council and calling on reforms to the international organism after the outcomes of the Iraqi crisis. Mexico's Foreign Minister, Luis Ernesto Derbez said to reporters in Madrid that it was necessary to return to multilateral practices in the United Nations and rebuild the Security Council.

"Chairing the Council gives us a great opportunity to bring multilateralism back to the United Nations and discuss the future of the organism after the crisis in Iraq", said Derbez. "We do not want the UNO to become a new Red Cross", added in response to US pressures to restrict UN's role after the war.

Derbez, said that both Mexico and Brazil had been discussing the necessity to reform the Council for more than 20 years. Both nations believe that Security Council should have a new structure to include a broader representation.

Mexico will try to moderate between those countries that supported military actions against Iraq and those nations that fought against the use of force. Derbez said that there was no time for recriminations, as the world needed strengthened common institutions.

Mexico took over UN Security Council's rotational presidency for one month since 1 April amid its worst-ever crisis since creation after World War II. Since then, Adolfo Aguilar Zinser, Mexico's ambassador to the United Nations, began to work closely with both parties in dispute within the organism and organize humanitarian aid to Iraq.   

"Let's hope Mexico could change the world! ", joked Zinser after being interrogated by journalists in New York. Mexico's intention is to push forward an integral change in the United Nations with the consensus of the entire organization.

Hernan Etchaleco

Photo: Mexico's Foreign Minister, Ernesto Derbez.

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