Who can criticise Joe Biden best?

Joseph Biden's assessment of Vladimir Putin's personal qualities triggered an avalanche of comments from politicians of all ranks.

Looking for a metaphor

US President Joseph Biden's sensational interview, in which he agreed with the term "killer" in relation to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, fuelled countless conversations not only about the alleged dementia of the US leader, but even about an impending nuclear war between the United States and Russia.

It is hard to answer how Biden's statement can affect the US-Russian relations. Ronald Reagan used to be a lot more eloquent and called the Soviet Union an empire of evil. It did not stop him from appearing on TV some time later to congratulate Soviet citizens on New Year.

Biden's remarks came as an insult, but Putin did not seem to be insulted much in public. Instead, he wished Joe Biden good health.

Is it Biden who needs to have his head examined?

Putin's response to Biden was very restrained and polite. Yet, representatives of Russia's ruling United Russia party took liberties in making comments about the American president.

Andrei Turchak called Biden's statement a manifestation of extreme degree of aggression, a triumph of US political insanity and age-related dementia:

"We are defeating the pandemic. Our vaccine is best in the world, but they only have plans. We have international peace, but they kiss boots there. We have family and family values, but they have genders and transgender people. We have the Crimea - they talk about the alienation of states ... In general, this is a vile and shameless statement. This is a challenge to our entire country," Turchak said.

It appears that the politician forgot to mention that we also make rockets and block the Yenisei River. Oh, he also forgot to mention that Russian ballet school is best in the world too.

Alexander Khinshtein was no less emotional:

"Biden's remarks are the peak (or rather, the bottom) of political rudeness and marginality. Even in the most critical periods of the Cold War, no Western leader had ever fallen to the level of abusive rhetoric. Personalization always evidences powerlessness. I don't want to get down to the level of this "discussion", but it feels like Biden has gone crazy. It's agony."

Does it mean that Nikita Khrushchev's "Kuzkina Mother" performance at the UN with a shoe in his hand does not count? In general, they do like to talk about the rotting Western society in Russia. They rot and decay, but manage to smell expensive Chanel perfume that most Russians can hardly afford these days.

Here is what another United Russia member, Evgeny Revenko had to say:

"In a fit of impotent anger and political rudeness Biden challenged and insulted our leader, our country, all of us, all citizens of Russia, who support their President."

Fallen with the wind

Czech writer Jaroslav Hasek once wrote the following about the counterproductiveness of public name calling in his novel "The Fate of the Good Soldier Švejk during the World War":

"Throwing shit right and left is more or less convincing argumentation, but an intelligent person, even if annoyed or in a dispute, should not resort to such expressions."

Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov did not miss a chance to mock Biden's efforts to come up stairs when boarding Air Force One:

"Presidents do not fall on stairs because of gusts of wind. There are other reasons for that, and we all know them. Strong gusts of wind may blow Biden out of the White House ahead of time. He has already spoken of Kamala Harris as President of the United States a few times."

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has put her two cents in the campaign to mock Biden's triple fall on stairs. She quipped about the absence of comments about "Russian hackers" in the White House. Did she crack a joke when her boss, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stumbled and fell when coming up the stage of "Russia - Land of Opportunities" Forum in March 2015?

The heads of state will figure it out how to formulate their thoughts as they communicate with each other. Whether to take offense at words or not is their own business too. Quipping about an elderly man falling is not nice at all.

Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov