The carabiniere in the church, horde's forefront

Clearly, the young carabiniere [1] who interrupted a Mass in Gallignano near Cremona [Italy], did not understand what was happening in there. Not even the slightest awareness that was moving before the Real Presence. Nor why that plump little man was dressed in that weird way, and uttered bizarre words: to whom? Talking to the air. And he did not understand why the masked little man did not want to interrupt the incomprehensible (therefore suspect) thing, completely meaningless, that he was doing. He also offered him the cell phone during the consecration: "Look, talk to the mayor...". The poor [priest] Don Lino: "Now I can't, I'm praying" [2]

Author: Maurizio Blondet

We have seen in action the Vertical Barbarian whose advent we have so many times feared. Those children of ours who invade [our] society from within, from cradles, to which our society should teach its language, its history, its law, the patrimony of wisdom accumulated in the community. The basic elements of its culture, the respect for others, a sense of military honor (he has not even taken off the beret) and also a sense of  etiquette, its religion at least as a cultural fact. In short, educate him to the civilization he entered without knowing anything about this splendid artifact built over the centuries by his ancestors.

Vertical barbarians

We have many times feared that progressive and transgressive society does not know how to civilize these vertical barbarians - indeed it does not want to: precisely because it is progressive, it has as its program the break with the past, therefore it despises the "delivery" (traditio) to its children of the culture received from previous generations. Now, in the church, we have seen with our own eyes the result of that pedagogy: a thirty-year-old who knows nothing about Christianity, nor has the slightest idea that the priest was exercising a guaranteed constitutional right, superior to the mayor's directive. A Mongolian, a Tartar, a Hun who came from the Asian steppes (the horizontal barbarians) would not have behaved otherwise: a little estranged from what he sees and does not understand, because it comes from another story, and does not feel part of what is expressed in the church. He does not even know that he must respect it as freedom. Freedom of worship? Freedom of religion? Yes, he will have heard about it in some short courses: but as a freedom that must be recognized for Jews, Muslims - people with whom the neo-barbarian has learned to be prudent because they react, they defend their freedom. But to us Italians, evolved, developed, modern? Are there people among us still at this point, who believe in these things? Is it not obscurantism, without any right in front of the sanitary norms? "Talk to the mayor, you, don..."

There are many vertical barbarians in action these days, very sure to exercise a duty by preventing the primary freedoms of their fellowmen, because the mayor, the government and its experts ordered it with decrees that are not laws, but it does not know the difference. They does not know the theme of the "hierarchy of sources of law" nor would they understand what we are talking about.

That magistrate

To that magistrate who explained that he had gone out to go to church, the vertical barbarian in uniform, after mourning in front of the interlocutor's card ("An institution, like me..."), couldn't help but ask him: "But can't you pray at home?" He has no idea what churches are (served) for; those unusual buildings that stipple the landscape in which he grew up, without wondering why they are there, without any curiosity that goes beyond the absolute and momentary present - "today" there is the virus to fight "with social distancing" and not going  "on the street" and everything else does not count.

Let's say right away that it's not their fault, the vertical barbarians that uncivility has put in uniform without civilizing them first. Those in action are evidently barbarians children of barbarians, indeed grandchildren of vertical barbarians: non-civilized third generation. Which means: souls "cleansed" of every crumb of the past, that is, of the slightest suspicion that there may be values ​​higher than health, previous and more fundamental rights than those granted by the "current regulations" dictated by some Region. Obviously, no distinction can be made between natural law and "positive" law; and worse, they lack the most basic notions of Christianity, that is, of education if not to charity, of the compassion for the poor and the oppressed, for the harmless citizen and his rights.


"Rights"? He learned, the barbarian, that "gay rights" must be respected. The Roma rights (be careful, because they report you to the court and the judge will get you in trouble). The rights of "Immigrants" (be careful how they dealt with, said the captain). Yes, rights are something that belongs to LGBTs, gypsies, Negroes - which must be treated with caution, because prosecutors, media and NGOs defend their rights. But there are no special "rights" for those like us, who speak our language. They must understand that there is the virus, and the "laws" that prohibit exiting.

Therefore, the barbarians stopped the family who was returning from Pisa as the 8-year-old daughter, with cancer, had made a check-up, and fined the father in layoffs at 500-euro per month with a 500-euro fine. They looked at what an old man had bought who claimed to have gone out to shop: two bottles of liquor and only one can of tuna? Fine! They fined one who had left the village to go to his dying father: unjustified urgency, in the opinion of the vertical barbarians. A sixty year old in Turin was fined for sitting on a bench...

They are in the most radical way non-EU citizens, foreign to civilization and its values - which their uniform would order them to protect.

Anyone should understand the danger of these uncivilized neo-barbarians in uniform. Robotic executors of any ever more atrocious "directive", ready to trample on fundamental rights that they don't even know, deprived of any superior light. If the instruction of the government's "team of experts" arrives, the carabiniere takes nothing to shoot Don Lino, guilty of having facilitated the epidemic. And hunt down the infectors indicated by the government: the old men who must have the electronic bracelet. But also the children: they do not get sick, therefore they are healthy carriers of the virus - take them away from families, they are infectors. "Infectors", did you say? And where does this word come from? You go and explain to them about Manzoni and the plague of Milan. They will not hesitate in the face of any repression.

Especially since they are mobilized by uncivilized neo-barbarians who have occupied the government, trampling all rights of the opposition (rights? The opposition? They don't even have a clue) and that "for health" are applying - by indication of masters they miss even suspect - a program of social engineering and oppression never seen before. [A program] of total manipulation of consciences through phantasmal terror, and they never cease to devise increasingly oppressive measures of freedoms: children must not leave home, schools must not open, you will all be promoted, everyone must have an app to be tracked, and those who do not want it must have an electronic bracelet. Tramplers of the rights of freedom registered in the "Most Beautiful in the World" Constitution, they are carrying out "a social massacre and we see them accountable on TV morning and evening, explaining how fine and clever they are, with an accomplice journalists and pimpers who clap their hands instead of nailing them to their responsibilities". [3]

Not only that: in their action of devastation of what remains (goes) of civilization, they are approved by 30-40 percent of the self-defined "progressive" public opinion: third generation vertical barbarians too, without a grain of Christian piety in the heart, who don't even know that what they approve of is a totalitarian dictatorship. Nobody taught them excepting that dictators come with the uniform, boots and mustache and that you win them by singing Bella Ciao - so what are these pet peeves for the rights? The epidemic must be stopped, until there is a mandatory vaccine that sets us free.

Persecution of faith

This is why I am convinced that the young carabiniere who entered the church as a Genghis Khan's Tartar is only the forefront of the persecution of the faith that is about to come. As soon as they realize they are horde, they will cancel and prohibit those "ceremonies", a cult of the past, therefore shameful and to be abolished "for health". "It is forbidden to be a Christian", the Conte-Zingaretti government will say without suspecting that an ancient jurisconsult of the Roman Senate is being applied: Non licet esse christianos.  And they, the robots, will begin to beat and shoot.

As the ecclesiastical hierarchy, having interrupted the rite and the Eucharist to the people, has shown that it considers them not so important as to deserve the defense, as a right and a constitutional freedom. The rights of gays, Muslims, gypsies should not be trampled on; but those of the Christians, not even the Pope defended them; look at how he obeyed the to the "laws" of the "institutions"; he first forbade "gatherings" of those things you call Masses, so... be them interrupted. The interruption of the cult? What are you saying? You can pray at home and watch on TV the mass of Bergoglio and Delpini [4]. What's the difference? Real Presence? Enough with these superstitions!

Thus, starting with the Pope, he has deprived all of us of "the only thing necessary" [5], clearly showing us that he believes it to be superfluous. The darkness that will follow, without the necessary Bread, will be a famine full of blood. A cannibals, a Huns, a vertical barbarians darkness.

Note of the author Maurizio Blondet: about the Vertical Barbarians, I placed a text by Ortega y Gasset which I explained.

Each new generation is this "vertical" invasion; our children are barbarians in the cradles and society must make an unceasing effort to civilize them, adapt them to its uses, its laws, its "form". Education was this: teaching young people about civilization. And it was not the exclusive task of the educational institution: the transmission of the experiences of the fathers, of the culture elaborated by previous generations, of the mistakes corrected, of the efforts in the search for truth and justice supported by the ancestors and become ideas, intellectual and moral heritage, acquired wisdom: all this was precisely tradition. Traditio, that is "handing over" to the younger generations of what the old ones had learned (at their own expense and often with their blood). Tradition was the process by which society civilized its vertical barbarians.


Our time has irresponsibly interrupted this molecular, daily, civilizing process and its necessary continuity. Moreover, not by chance, but by program: current culture wants to be "progressive" and therefore refuses to transmit tradition. Being "progressive" in current culture deliberately means this: being "transgressive" with respect to the heritage and wisdom of the past, to disregard tradition as an unnecessary weight in the momentum towards the future; and totally dispel it.


But in this way the transgressive society lets young people grow, the barbarians among us, without civilizing them. And barbarians become uncivilized adults, they acquire strength and power, without knowing the deep motives of civilization; each new generation must start from scratch, rediscover at its own expense (and at the price of blood) the wealth of wisdom that would have saved it the effort and the blood. This starting from scratch, this repeating the same mistakes and redoing the same experiences on one's flesh generation after generation, is the opposite of progress. It can be said that "progressivism" had this result: not to transmit progress anymore... (cited Italian work, p. 78/79)

[1], [2] "Carabinieri" is a branch of Italian police forces. Here the video of what happened:

[3] Italian only:

[4] Italian Catholic archbishop Mario Delpini

[5] Luke 10-42: "Martha, Martha" the Lord answered "you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed-or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better and it will not be taken away from her."


Original column by Maurizio Blondet:

Translation by Costantino Ceoldo

Photo: By Utente:Jollyroger - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5,


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