Angela Merkel accused of raping and killing German teen

The Germans are enraged after an Iraqi refugee raped and murdered a 14-year-old girl. Many accuse Chancellor Angela Merkel and her open doors policy of the crime. "The only thing that can worse than killing a child is killing a child by a criminal who should not be in our country," Bild wrote.

It is assumed that the victim, Susanna Feldman, was an acquaintance of the brother of the suspect named as Ali Bashar. They both were raping Susanne in turns all night before Ali strangled her. The latter was arrested in Iraq: the suspect and his family were allowed to return to Iraq, although the names on their tickets and passports did not match.

The leader of Alternative for Germany Part (AfD), Alice Weidel, tweeted that the entire federal government of Germany should resign because of the death of the German girl. According to Weidel, Susanna fell another victim to the hypocritical and selfish policy of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Two years ago, Germany was disturbed by events in three German cities, where migrants sexually assaulted women on New Year's night. Those events were most massive in the city of Cologne, where thousands of people came to see the New Year in to the central railway station.

Pravda.Ru asked German political scientist Alexander Rahr to comment on the current crisis in Germany.

"Why has Germany made no adequate conclusions from the Cologne night?"

"After Mrs. Merkel opened borders in 2015, a lot of people with false passports have entered the territory of Germany. The German legislative base is very humane in terms of granting political asylum and it is very constrained when it comes to deporting migrants. This refugee from Iraq is a living proof for that. He was a drug dealer, the police knew it, but they could not deport him because he would resort to the assistance of lawyers or change his place of residence."

"The German authorities know that such crimes will continue to occur. Is there a way out of the crisis?"

"There's nothing that one can do to make it better. The people who rule Germany today were born in the late 1960s. They transformed Germany's legal system and made it very humane, although today it is unclear whom this system is humane for. In today's Germany, people would be criticized for sounding the alarm. They would be called fascists, racists, xenophobes and so on - they can even be punished for their statements. In today's Germany, Holland, Sweden it is believed that one should be humane not only to victims, but also to criminals, because criminals always have a chance to get better."

"Is there a changing trend in the German society today?"

"It's 50x50. A half of the population wants changes, but the other half does not."

"What do you think about Alice Weidel's call for the federal government to resign?"

"If you go to her website, you can see many applauding her in their comments. However, if you go to other German websites, you will see that people label her as a witch, who dares to victimize refugees and use one tragic case for her racist propaganda."

"Do you think that Merkel can resign on the wave of popular anger?"

"This is what German liberal politicians are very afraid of, but they have very strong weapons - mass media. They say that there are many criminals among the Germans too, so one should not come down on those poor refugees who came to Germany to save their lives. The Germans want to get rid of their legacy of the past completely. There are many people in the world who believe that the Germans are functional fascists, who follow Hitler's ideas. Yet, with their present-day policy the Germans have an opportunity to show that they have long abandoned Hitler's ideology and become the most liberal and humane country in the world. In a way, modern-day Germany  is proud of the fact that minorities and disadvantaged groups of people, such as LGBT people, disabled individuals and migrants can find better lives in Germany than, for example, in Russia or in the USA."

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov