Will the USA survive the death of the American dream?

The United States is changing, and we can see it in the appearance of such a presidential hopeful as Donald Trump. Can Trump be called the American Gorbachev? Will he take the USA to decline? Pravda.Ru talked about these subjects in an interview with President of the International Institute for Scientific Cooperation, Elena Ponomareva.

The collapse of the American Dream

"The world is changing and is becoming multipolar. Many believe that the world will soon see the decline of America's power. Do you think it can be real?"

"Changes are happening indeed, and they are serious geopolitical changes that caused the formation of the multipolar system of international relations. One can see it in the changes that the United States has been going through recently. 

"Donald Trump is one of the leaders in the pre-election race in the US. He says that the American dream is dead, but he promises to bring it back to the Americans. The essence of the American dream lies in the consumer basket: a house, a car, a good job, decent wages, pensions, health care and so on.

'Nowadays, judging from the socio-economic point of view, there are many things in the United States that require improvement. Many experts say that average Americans live at the level of the 1950s and the 1960s. However, back in those days, women would work only as housewives. Today, both spouses work in most American families, but they still live on the level of the distant past. 

"At the same time, the rich get even richer. This is the Murphy's Law: the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. American middle classes are getting poorer and poorer, and this is the end of the American dream. There are many racial problems there, big differences in the development of separate states and so on.

"As for foreign policy, Trump says that America has lost its leading positions in the world. Indeed, the United States has been losing its supremacy due to the challenges that the world has seen during the recent years. The United States has been running neo-colonial policies to address internal problems at the expense of other countries and peoples. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, one of the most popular and important players in world politics during the Great Depression, said in 1934: 

"One of my principal tasks is to prevent bankers and businessmen from committing suicide!" 

"He basically said that the American population was not the core of the United States. World War II was largely initiated by American bankers and industrialists who financed Hitler and actively supported his war machine.

"What makes a state strong? For example, if we take small countries,  Liechtenstein is not a strong state, but Singapore is. Why? Modern-day Russia is referred to as a strong state, even though the country has a plethora of problems to deal with. Still, Russia is a strong international player and we have been showing it very actively lately. Russia is still a global player, and we are constantly proving that.

"Robert Klein, one of the champions of the concept of political realism, derived the formula of a strong state. According to him, the power of the state equal  territory + population + economy + military potential, military power. All of this is multiplied by the development strategy, plus the political will. When he framed the parameters of the states in this formula in 1977, it turned out that the Soviet Union was stronger and more powerful than the United States twice."

"On what grounds?" 

"Because of strategy and will. In the USSR, people were willing to die for their ideas. In 1989, the Soviet leadership surrendered in disgrace, although it was not Gorbachev's team that had created the great Soviet Union. As soon as the USSR was deprived of its strategic vision and global project that it had been implementing, the country lost its power instantly.  

"The United States is by far one of the most powerful nations in military terms. Certainly, the USA is the most powerful economy in the world, but we all know that this economy has a huge budget deficit and an enormous public debt.

"The Russian Federation, China and Saudi Arabia are the largest holders of the US government debt. The US economy remains under great pressure, but we must give credit to the United States for their strategy. The Americans constantly proclaim their superiority over other nations, their aspiration to domination. By the sheer force of will, they make the whole country work for this idea to become true. 

"However, America has not seen an independent president since the times of Richard Nixon. Obama is hopeless when it comes to political will. American presidents express the will of many multinational and US corporations who fund elections. It is those corporations who make the core of the US political system today."

"What will the world order be like after America loses its power?"  

"Nature abhors vacuum. If America loses its power, new centers of influence and power will appear offering new projects. Of course, this will not happen immediately - this is a long process."

Interviewed by Lyuba Lulko 


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov