Damascus, Paris: Interview with Senator Black

The Russian Air Force have dramatically changed the situation on the field in the Syrian conflict showing to the entire World that the Islamic terrorists con be hit and defeated by the loyalist forces if supported by a sincere ally. But, as a scorpion, ISIS and the other terroristic organizations sting where and when one does not expect. The very recent attacks in Paris are a clear and tragic demonstration of this truth.

I asked again some questions about this situation to Senator Richard Black, recently re-elected  in his district of the Commonwealth of Virginia State Senate, well known to our reader for his opinions about the Syrian war. The following is his long interview.

Q) The old Syrian scenario has been changed by the Russian intervention against the terrorists. Are you surprised by the Russian behavior?

A) I was greatly relieved when Russia finally sent aircraft to support the legitimate government of Syria. I felt that both Russia and Iran were waiting until the Iranian Nuclear Agreement was finalized, and that turned out to be correct. When Russia began to bolster Syrian ground forces, the U.S. quickly cried foul. We argued that the Russians should ignore the al Qaeda-based "Army of Conquest" and instead attack ISIS targets. But the Army of Conquest threatened to overrun Russia's air bases in Syria unless they were stopped immediately. Calls for Russia to ignore the imminent military threat and instead pursue distant ISIS forces were simply absurd. Despite the war's complexity, there are essentially two forces today--Syria and the terrorists.  And, there are two competing terror armies--ISIS and the Army of Conquest.  Both are offspring of al Qaeda, which murdered 3,000 Americans on September 11, 2001.  The Army of Conquest is built around al Nusra, which has sworn allegiance to al Qaeda. So the U.S. now has gone full circle in the War on Terror. Today, we arm and train al Qaeda--the same force that brought down the Twin Towers and hit the Pentagon. Today, we send anti-tank missiles to the Army of Conquest, and those missiles are being used to prolong the misery of the Syrian people.

Q) Syrian forces were exhausted after nearly 5 years of war but Russia helped boost the defense of the country. According with your experience, what we could expect in the next future of war?

A) Turkey is the supply line for all terrorists in northern Syria.  When the Kurds began sealing the Turkish border with Syria, the U.S. agreed to a type of "no fly zone" in exchange for Turkey joining the largely ineffective coalition against ISIS. In fact, Turkey is the closest ally of ISIS.  They had no intention of harming ISIS. Instead, Turkey launched 297 air strikes against the heroic Kurds who had defeated ISIS at Kobani. Turks drove Kurdish forces away from the segment of the Turkish border used by Turkey to supply ISIS. That border gap leads directly to Raqqa, the capital of ISIS. Thousands of armed trucks are dispatched from Turkey into Syria and Iraq, and they travel through that "no fly zone". However, with Russian help, the terrorists were driven back in many areas. And just last week, Syria broke the three-year siege of the Kuwairis Military Airfield. With Russian help, Syria managed to recue 1,200 brave young soldiers from certain death. Remember, the terrorists have no prisoner of war camps- they are trained by Western intelligence operatives to murder all captives, in order to spread terror. In the future, much will depend on how effective the U.S. anti-tank missiles are in blunting Syrian advances.  There are indications that, in addition to TOW anti-tank missiles, MANPAD anti-aircraft missiles may have been supplied in limited numbers. However, the recent terror attacks in Paris may cause the West to be hesitant to release MANPADS in large numbers. All of these missiles -MANPADS and TOWs-- can destroy passenger jets taxiing for takeoff.  They present a clear and present danger to civil aviation, and the West must balance that against continuing its aggression against the Syrian people.

Q) The terrorist of Al-Qaeda and ISIS used and use even now massively anti-tank missiles, the well knew TOWs. These weapons are made in USA. How is it possible that this kind of weapon is in the hands of those devils?

A) TOW missiles are supplied to the terrorists in two fashions. First, they are sent to so-called "moderate" rebels. Those rebels often turn them directly over to the terrorists. In fact, many U.S. trained rebels leave quickly to join and fight with al Qaeda or ISIS. Secondly, the missiles are sold to Saudi Arabia or Turkey under agreements that prohibit them from transferring the missiles without U.S. approval. Recently, Saudi Arabia received U.S. authorization to send 500 TOW missiles to terrorists fighting in the Aleppo Theater. Selling TOWs to our Arab allies keeps American fingerprints off weapons being transferred to terrorists.

Q) Thousands of TOWs Senator... It couldn't be possible that they bought all of them at the black market. Isn't it?

A) Few TOW missiles are on the black market. Almost every missile is deliberately funneled to the terrorists by the coalition.

Q) Recently I read news about a plan to give portable anti-air missiles to "selected rebels". I hope it's a fake but... who could have a similar idea in a government? 

A) Initial reports were unclear. However, those reports now seem substantiated. Apparently, the MANPAD anti-aircraft missiles are being outfitted to limit their use to the Syrian theater through GPS-type technology. That seems to be a very risky ploy.  It presumes that components cannot be modified for use elsewhere.

Q) According to you, is it possible in Syria a second "Afghan scenario" against Russia?

A) When the Soviet Union ended, many of us hoped that it signaled a new era for U.S. relations with Russia. Unfortunately, the foreign policy establishment had thousands of Soviet experts with a vested interest in maintaining hostile relations with Russia. Although I served during the Cold War, I saw great potential for common ground between Russia and the West.  Unfortunately, neither Republican nor Democrat presidents have taken firm control over the anti-Russian activities of the Department of State and the CIA. They continue to pursue aggressive actions toward Russia, and I'm sure that some of them would like to turn Syria into a new Afghan scenario. However, this is quite risky. We have seen that inciting Islamic terrorism is extremely dangerous for U.S. interests; our actions have now inflamed the entire region and threaten to spread violence across all of Europe.

Q) In Syria women drive cars, teach in schools and universities, and serve in the police and armed forces. In Saudi Arabia women are beheaded charged by witchcraft. Why Washington charges President Assad of everything and is silent with the House of Saud?

A) General Wesley Clark, formerly the Supreme Allied Commander of Europe, revealed that in 2001, American plans were drafted to overthrow seven peaceful countries, including Syria.  Ten years later, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton put those plans into action. At the time, Syria was a stable and peaceful nation. Under President Assad, Syrians had greater religious freedom and greater women's rights than any other Arab people. But in 2011, foreign intelligence operatives and the Muslim Brotherhood incited mobs to attack Christians and minorities. They deliberately turned ordinary demonstrations into a violent rebellion that has inflamed the Islamic World and resulted in 250,000 deaths. This was not done to enhance Syrian freedom, since Syrians were already as free as any people in that region. Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, is one of the world's most brutal dictatorships. It officially permitted slavery as late as 1962. And since the Koran endorses slavery, slavery is almost certainly practiced quietly by some of our Gulf State allies. ISIS was once funded by Saudi Arabia. ISIS operates slave markets openly, and I'm not aware that our Arabian coalition allies have criticized this practice. I have read the Syrian Constitution. It protects religious freedom, the rights of women and the Rule of Law. It requires national elections. President Assad was elected by a huge margin in elections that appeared as fair as possible, considering the wartime impediments. During that election, Western nations refused to permit Syrians to cast votes in their countries. They prevented voting by Syrians in their countries because they knew they would vote overwhelmingly in favor of Assad. The West avoided that awkward embarrassment by simply prohibiting overseas Syrians from voting at all.  The West does not want a popularly elected president in Syria. We want to install a puppet-a Quisling who will betray his people. Many of our coalition allies are absolute dictators. They would never allow elections like those in Syria. They call themselves kings, but in the Mideast that is simply another term for dictator. America became closely allied with Saudi Arabia because of oil politics and the Saudi's ability to buy political friends. Today, it is clear that the U.S. could be the world's largest producer of oil if it chose to do so. That would allow us to distance ourselves from Saudi Arabia, which would be a very positive thing for world peace.

Q) There is nothing that an honest gentleman of Virginia could do to help stopping the war in Syria?

A) On April 1, 2014, I wrote to President Assad. My letter caused shock waves around the world.  It was as though I was "the boy who said the emperor had no clothes". The media were outraged and attempted to destroy me by mocking my letter. But my letter said just two things:  First, I thanked the Syrian Army for its gallant rescue of Christians held captive by terrorists along the Qalamoun Mountain Range. Next, I said that I could not explain why the United States was supporting the same al Qaeda terrorists who had murdered 3,000 Americans on 9-11. When excerpts from my letter were published, many people thought my views were compelling. They began to question, and then to openly criticize U.S. policy in Syria. I continue to speak out and will do so until Syrians are permitted to determine their own future and elect their own government. I believe that more and more people realize the absurdity of siding with terrorists against Syria. They no longer believe the myth of "carefully vetted moderates". We need people to understand that if the U.S., France and Britain stopped supporting the terrorists, the war would end. Refugees could return home.  It is as simple as that.  We are the cause of the war, and we can end it whenever we wish.

Q) The Syrians in the occupied territories more probably don't read this interview but could you tell something the same, from your heart, to those are still under the feet of the terrorists?

A) I am a patriotic American. Unlike most officials, I fought and bled for my country during some of the fiercest combat in memory. As a Marine Corps officer, I was wounded and both of my radiomen were killed beside me, while attacking enemy positions across the Hoi An River in Vietnam. As a helicopter pilot, I also flew 269 combat missions and my aircraft was hit by enemy ground fire on occasions. So my views represent a patriot's belief that America is better than this. If I were a young man, I would fight and perhaps give my life for Syria, because I believe their cause is just. I would fight to defend, not only my Christian brothers and sisters, but all good Syrians of every faith. Each night, I pray to Our Savior, Jesus Christ, for an end to foreign intervention in Syria.  I pray for the Syrian soldiers and all of their allies, that they will be victorious and liberate Syria. I pray for the courageous Russians, that they will return safely from each heroic mission. My heart breaks for the women and children held as slaves because of American covert actions. I cannot believe that we have become complicit in reestablishing slavery in the Middle East. I am deeply saddened when I see the terrorists we support conduct mass execution s of helpless captives, and when I see men crucified or burned or drowned by those whom we support. But I would also say this. Every day, more Americans and westerners come to realize how despicable our Syrian policies have been. People are asking for peace in Syria. Many Americans are grateful that Russia and Iran have rushed support to Syria in its time of need. I will stand up for Syria and will never abandon you whether you are a free Syrian under government protection, or whether you are enslaved by the terrorists. I believe that Syria will be free once again. And the heroism of those who defended your nation will live on in history for generations yet to come. Who could have ever imagined that a small nation like Syria would stand with such courage against such massive evil? It can only be through God's grace that this could happen. And I salute every one of you, as I cry out for your suffering people.

Q) A last questions for You, Senator. Could You share with us Your opinion about the recent terrible slaughter in Paris by Islamic terrorists? What can we do to stop such things?

A) The attacks on Paris were tragic, and President Hollande has blamed those attacks on ISIS.  However, I also blame President Hollande for helping to create ISIS in the first place. When France, Great Britain and the U.S. joined the Arab despots in starting the Syrian uprising, they knew they were unleashing terror on the Syrian people. Did they imagine that terror could be contained? I have been to Paris several times, and I am very fond of the French. So I was saddened and angered by the loss of French lives. But I would suggest that the French focus some of their rage on their own government, which has betrayed all decent people by arming these savage terrorists in Syria. I would turn my anger on the EU and the French government for inviting thousands of potential terrorists to freely enter Europe, where they can slaughter families from every member nation of the European Union. We know that at least one of the killers just arrived from Syria and another from Egypt. I have heard estimates that 30% of the so-called immigrants are ISIS or ISIS sympathizers. Aren't terrorist attacks inevitable when terrorists are being waved into Europe daily? Isn't it an act of treason to invite people who despise you into your country? People must reject the evil that permeates our capitals and find new leaders--patriots who will defend their nations and stop unleashing terrorism upon the world.  Dissolve the EU and NATO if that is what it takes.  But somehow, make it end.

We thanks Senator Black for sharing with us his views about the Syrian conflict and we hope that his words could be useful to put an end to the war.



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