The West to down another Boeing to break Russia?

Anti-Russian rhetoric in the West continues and does not seem to stop. US President Barack Obama said not that long ago that the Russian economy was in tatters. However, the real state of affairs differs a lot from what Obama says. There were outstanding  provocations made to break Russia - suffice it to recollect the downing of the Boeing 777 over Ukraine. Scientist of politics Sergei Mikheyev believes that there is another provocation in store for Russia this summer.

"US President Obama said that the Russian economy was going to collapse. Can it happen indeed?"

"No, Russia is too big a country to fall apart just like that for economic reasons. The Russian Empire and the Soviet Union did not collapse for economic reasons. It was political reasons that triggered the collapse of both the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union in 1917 and 1991. Economic factors were only in the background. Destroying Russia economically is impossible. After all, the Americans were hoping that the worsening of the economic situation in Russia would undermine people's trust in the Russian leadership. The Americans want waves of protest actions in Russia, although they are not likely to happen soon. Russian people are ready to restrict consumption."

"The state of affairs in several countries is a lot worse. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has recently had a meting with Russian President Putin in Moscow. Do you think it is possible to exclude Greece from the eurozone?

"Of course, Brussels is worried about Greece. The decision-making mechanism in the European Union provides for a unanimous vote on important issues. For example, should Greece vote against anti-Russian sanctions in June, there will be no sanctions approved against Russia then.

"Tsipras can speak for the interests of a certain part of European political and business elites that were making big money in Russia

"The Americans understand this and so do their European allies. What if Russia agrees to lift the embargo on the delivery of Greek food products and Greece votes not to prolong sanctions against Russia? With Tsipras, European officials are using the policy of carrots and sticks now." 

"When SYRIZA came to power, the Greeks said that they would come out of the eurozone themselves. Is it a punishment or an achievement then?"

"That was a part of the game of elections. They always promise one thing at elections, but when it comes to real action afterwards, they very often work contrary to those promises. I do not think that the Greek elite is looking forward to the day when they can all bid farewell to the euro. However, it could be possible. That would be a good deal for Tsipras to make with Putin. 

"The Americans and their close friends, like the Poles, would be infuriated. Ukraine would lose its mind. However, I do not believe in this. Most likely, they will stage another provocation in the Donbass this summer, as it was the case with the downed Boeing plane that helped approve an extensive package of sanctions against Russia. They can do it again not to let Greece or any other country stand up against sanctions."

"Hasn't the world understood what the monstrous provocation with the passenger plane was for? They immediately accused Russia of the crash, but it has been a year since the tragedy, and they have failed to provide once single evidence."

"Some people may have understood that, some others will come to understand this later. In the West, information control is very strong, and many people do not know anything at all about such events. 

"Here is a story from my personal practice. In November, I was contacted by representatives from a respectable Italian publication, who asked me to write an article about the history and prospects of relations between Russia and the West. I wrote the article, in which I tried to convince Italian readers to run a more independent policy. I wrote the piece back in November. I have not heard from the publication since then. I wrote to them in February. It took them long to respond, and they finally said that my article was no longer relevant due to the Charlie Hebdo attacks. That was the most ridiculous explanation that one could ever come up with.

"In the Baltic countries, local politicians keep telling tales of empty Russian stores, and it works, even though many people in the Baltic States know Russian. In Germany, France or England, people just read newspapers or watch TV, where they are told over and over again that everything is very bad in Russia. They believe what they hear. That's it."


Interview conducted by Inna Novikova  

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov