The Peculiarities of American New National Security Strategy

Americans are not happy with the fact of their military domination that they have it now. The USA is going to document this domination. The present national security strategy of the USA fixes a new geopolitical reality as the White House sees it. The policy of containment is currently being changed with pre-emptive military strikes. Containment was good for  the opposition with the Soviet Union. Yet, both the USSR and the USA were running that policy towards themselves too. Both the Kremlin and the White House realized that a nuclear conflict would only have a bad end. Now Americans have other enemies – international terrorists. Terrorists are not going to contain themselves. They do not feel sorry either for their victims, or for their own lives. That is why, the USA talked to itself and announced to the whole world that they had a new national security strategy.

The USA will decide, in which part of the world terrorists obtained the requisite possibilities for attacking America. Then the States will strike that part of the world several months (weeks, days, hours, seconds) before anything dangerous might happen.

The national security strategy stipulates that preventive strikes will be conducted only if it helps to avoid a large number of victims. Yet, it is not clear, whether those strikes will be cancelled, if they cause a large number of victims themselves.

Bush’s national security assistant Condoleezza Rice expressed her total support of the new strategy during a television broadcast on PBS channel. Her major argument was basically about the fact that the USA was a special country. Rice claimed that the USA was supposed to maintain its military predominance. She also added that America should not allow other countries challenge it, just because of the fact that the USA is a special country. Probably, this is the peculiarity that attracts terrorists?

The USA documented in its new strategy that it is not going to allow any other country obtain a military domination over the US. After that, Condoleezza Rice declared that America was not going to act alone in this respect. The USA graciously invited other like-minded countries to contribute. Rice recalled the nuclear parity between the USA and the USSR as a nightmare. She assured everyone that the USA was not going to let anything like that to happen again. As she said, predominance does not belong to those, who keep a part of the world in tyranny. Predominance belongs to the power of freedom, i.e. to the USA.  This is what makes the USA so very special.

Sergey Borisov

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Author`s name Olga Savka