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If there was a way to arouse the Russian bear and make him lose its charm for the West, this was just put Nazism under his nose. It should be no need to mention the millions of deaths that Nazism has caused to the Russian people and to all the peoples involved in the carnage of World War II. It should not, but recent events have shown us just the opposite. We have all seen the swastikas that were flaunted with pride during the insurrection in Ukraine against the government of Viktor Yanukovych, a government that the Americans had already recognized as legitimate in the aftermath of his inauguration. We've all seen arms outstretched in the roman salute, the gangs potted glorifying Nazi Stephan Bandera. We have all witnessed the killing of helpless men and helpless women guilty of being Russians, of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Rods, sticks, chains, knives. Molotov cocktails. But even snipers who fired on the crowd.


Then Odessa and the massacre in the Palace of Trade Unions. Can we forget? No. We can not. And we can not because we do not want to forget: once again we had the illusion that such things would not have happened anymore in the civilized Europe of the thousand treaties. And because, stronger than us, we can be ourselves the victims burned alive: their fear is our fear, their pain is our pain, their despair is our despair.


We saw the civil America take in hand the rioters and treat them with great respect. Even cuddle and spoil them despite all that they did. And so the dots of the figure have been connected by themselves and we got it for what it was: the proxy war of the United States against those nations that insist to claim and defend its sovereignty has been enriched by a new front, right on the border of Russia. Against the Russia herself.


But something went wrong: Crimea and the Peoples of the Donbass resisted. They refused to find themselves hunted or butchered. The war broke out on the front of Novorossia, the New Russia reborn in the east of Ukraine with a name of imperial memory.


There are Italians too who fight in Ukraine, on both fronts. But we do not care anything about those of them serving in the ranks of the puppet government of Poroshenko. We have already forgotten their names because they love to claim to be proud of being fascists and that they are in Ukraine to kill people. Same of them even have the illusion of being modern brave Norse warriors who one day will gain the reward of the Walhalla of the heroes, when instead they are just vulgar bullies, killers of defenseless.


We prefer to remember those Italians who were enrolled between the forces of Donbass, driven by different feelings and reasons. And between them Gabriele Carugati, callsign Archangel, has agreed to answer our questions.




Q) Can you tell our readers who is Gabriele?


A) I am a guy of 25 years old, born and raised in the province of Milan then transferred to Varese. Italian Socialist.



Q) Why enlist in a foreign land? And why in the Donbass?


A) As a European I do not feel a stranger in this land, despite very different culture and language, then I was sick of being useless in the face of all this evil. Contingent reasons I think, also I think often to Syria and generally to the Arab world.



Q) How were you received by your teammates?


A) Very well! Although there is always a bit of distrust for those who do not speak Russian, mainly by commanders.



Q) You wrote a sentence in a picture of your: "We will free even America ... Long live Humanity!". Can you tell us how you did this thought?


A) I think the Anglo-American plutocrats as a real cancer for Humanity, today we fight in the Donbass tomorrow in their centers of power, until the end. It is an evil that has been going on for too long, I just hope for a strong stance on the part of China. I have always valued the policy of non-interference, but today the world needs China.



Q) How do you see the future of Ukraine?


A) Kiev now has lost and even if they had still [ soldiers - Translator's note ] do not reach the level of the miners. For the junta is the time to treat, the real problem is that the junta does not matter anything. We'll see if the Atlantic accept defeat. I hope in a Nation Novorussa full of all its territories and in peace with the Ukrainian brothers, for the rest are the people of these lands who must choose.



We thank Gabriele for his patience in answering our questions: the interview was short to not abuse his kindness and by the difficulty to reach him.


Costantino Ceoldo 

Editorial Note: I have decided not to include pictures of the author (sent) for legal reasons

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



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