The news from Ukraine

Ukraine has moved off the top of the news lists, now occupied by Islamic State and Ebola Virus Disease. But what is going on? The news is far from perfect - Fascist parades, continuing attacks from Pro-Putsch Ukrainian Armed Forces, including a terrorist attack on a school. However, there are some positive signs.

Pro-Junta forces surrounded

On October 18, there were reports that the Pro-Junta Ukrainian Fourth Company of the Second Battalion of the 80th Airmobile Brigade had contacted the West Ukrainian media with a urgent message to spread the word that they had run out of ammunition, bread and water, and that the command center did not reply to their calls for help, as they were surrounded by Forces defending the Lugansk Republic.

Disrespect of ceasefire by Kiev

This is proof that the Pro-Junta Armed Forces, sent by Kiev, are not respecting the ceasefire. Today there was a phosphorous attack on NovoRossiya positions near Donetsk airport and there have been reports of systematic attacks on the industrial complex of Donbass. Today a chemical plant was hit with a ballistic missile, and the blast could be heard 30 kilometres away.

Terrorist attack against school

At the weekend, a school in Donetsk was hit by rockets fired by the Pro-Junta Armed Forces, a terrorist attack with shocking consequences - the building was destroyed.

Fascist parades

In Odessa recently, there was a torchlight procession by Fascists, called March of the Heroes, undertaken by Right Sector thugs. The procession was organized by the Socialist-Nationalist Assembly and the Patriot of Ukraine movement, joined by fighters from the Azov Battalion and Right Sector soccer fans. Other such Fascist parades were held in Kiev and Kharkov, a worrying development, as Bandera, allegedly a murderer, torturer and perpetrator of humanitarian crimes, including against children, is worshiped as a hero.

People defiant against Kiev Junta

A growing number of demonstrations have taken place against the Kiev Junta and its forces. On October 18, the citizens in Mariupol, the scene of a Fascist massacre in May, staged a demonstration, demanding that the Fascist checkpoints set up by the Junta forces should be moved away from residential areas.

Donetsk Republic increases pensions

The lot of the citizens of Novorossiya is improving. Those in Crimea, which voted en masse to return to Russia, have seen their pension payments increase three times since the transition. Now it is the turn of the citizens of Novorossiya in the Donetsk Republic, whose Prime Minister Aleksandr Zakharchenko has announced that the Republic has started paying teachers and will soon pay healthcare workers and pensioners.

Accusing Ukro-mail of sabotaging pension payments for three months, and not fulfilling its duties to Ukrainian citizens, Zakharchenko declared in his address to residents of Novoazovsk on October 18 that "As a State, Ukraine is practically bankrupt". He stated that Ukraine is speaking to Poland and South Africa about importing coal, yet Donetsk Republic produces 55 per cent of Ukrainian coal, and Kiev does not want to do business.

"Every day Ukrainian government spends 6 million dollars on was in Donbass...Ukraine did not stop shooting and shelling not for a single day since the Minsk agreement".

He stated that the army "has many commanders who do not answer to Poroshenko...many people make a lot of money on the army". Because of the latest missile attacks and the attempted genocide perpetrated by Fascist pro-Junta forces, Zakharchenko today declared the ceasefire is over.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey