The fascist beast and the New World Order

By Mathew Maavak

The West is venting its moral outrage again. Like the Dragon in St. George's legend, it cannot rest until the objects of its wrath are devoured. Its leadership, propelled by the indignant fumes of self-righteous toxicity, is attaining new stratospheric heights of rectitude even as I write. These are reporting back that Russia remains Global Enemy No 1 and we should all believe them because they said so!

On terra firma below is an ongoing genocide they sparked off in Syria and Iraq, as well as civil wars (Libya) and Islamic militancy (global) nurtured from the heydays of the Afghan Mujahideen to the recent "Arab Spring." It took a military coup to restore order in Egypt - an act that did not go down well amongst the merchants of "freedom and democracy." A placard seen during last year's anti-establishment protests in Egypt said it all:

"Obama: Your bitch is our dictator."

Since the 2013 military takeover, the bitch has been kennelled and Egypt has returned to normalcy. Murderous assaults on Christians and other minorities have dipped considerably, perhaps to the chagrin of Washington's power-brokers.

It is a geopolitical truism that whatever the United States touches turns into a bloodbath. Call this the Midas Touch from Hell. Just about every major military intervention since 1953 - the end of the Korean War -resulted not in the flowering of democracy, but rather in the cancer of tyranny and socio-economic regression. Its anti-Serbian bombing campaign two decades ago has now predictably spawned a Jihad Made in Kosovo.

Bosnians and Chechens are currently prized recruits for the Islamic State (IS)'s genocidal campaigns in Syria and Iraq; the curriculum vitae of terror having been padded by holy wars against infidel Serbs and Russians. As Will Durant once said: "A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within."

Western Civilization has a death wish, much like the militant Islam it frequently courts. Like the tail of a flailing dragon that is whiplashing against anything or anyone in its death throes, the West cannot avoid its slide to oblivion. The total unfunded liability of the US government now stands at an untenable $210 trillion and sooner or later, creditors will knock on the door for restitution. While international institutions like the IMF and the World Bank perpetuate credit-facilitated neo-slavery throughout the world, bankruptcy and restitution in the epicentres of global power are redeemed through conflict. The only way to avoid debt servitude would be to shoot the creditors.

Ever heard of the Parable of Wicked Vinedressers (Matt 21:33-45)? The same principle operates here.

The European Union is instituting austerity measures even while it scrapes the bottom of the barrel to fund a Fascist experiment in Ukraine. As Europe struggles with high graduate underemployment, the people must think of something - anything - but a bottom-up socioeconomic revolution.

In a 2012 peer-reviewed article, I concluded that the world may soon be carved up into zones of regional government. This will be branded as the latest "international effort" in global governance, or an international effort to combat terrorism. The United Kingdom is bracing itself for a jihadi attack just 3 weeks before a Scottish referendum on independence.  A coincidence?

Secession and national self-determination may however succeed if ultimate powers are vested in a supra-national authority.  A breakaway Scotland will remain in the European Union while a breakaway Eastern Ukraine will not.

New World Order 3.0: The New and Improved Version

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger recently renewed a call for a New World Order, admitting that the previous version was overly focussed on the "amalgam of American idealism and traditional European concepts of statehood and balance of power."

American idealism? What does that mean? Does it relate to the concept of waging endless wars to profit the military-industrial complex, accompanied by a relentless fractionation of wealth in favour of the few? This idealism has not found success anywhere; not since 1953 anyway. Europeans follow these ideals because organizations like the GCHQ and NSA eavesdrop on them on an industrial scale, filtering out the puppets from the patriots to create a giant political wasteland run by pliant lackeys.  Nothing to do with idealism here; just plain blackmail and treason!

American idealism is now supplemented by an international realism to reflect the zeitgeist. Kissinger continues:

"The contemporary quest for world order will require a coherent strategy to establish a concept of order within the various regions and to relate these regional orders to one another."

In other words, the New World Order will be made of geographic spheres of influence, each with an epicentre for regional governance. All facets of life will be governed by laws laid down by the Transnational Capitalist Class (TCC) aka oligarchs who will effectively report to a supranational decision-making body staffed and run by them. It is this entity that may decide "national leadership."

The social media may come in handy to promote the illusion of participatory decision-making. Viral mob-frenzy and computer-generated "Likes" will quantitatively displace the dangerous idealisms of detractors.  Society is being conditioned towards this end. Like lemmings rushing to their own demise, people are ready to sign over their liberties in favour of "order." If they still remain recalcitrant, the Islamic State is ready to bomb their cities and boroughs to expedite "global consciousness" and a need for collective security.

The emerging global government may therefore begin as an amalgam of the Martial-Panoptic Society (p28) and Unipolar Regionalism (p30).

Kissinger carefully avoids the hidden inference that half the global population today could be entirely superfluous under either paradigm. But wars, pandemics and mayhem have a way of sorting out population excesses, no?

For the time being, the "international community" must be won over even while the BRICS continue to baulk. Whatever the shortcomings of these individual nations, and there are indeed many, its citizens are looking at a roughly brighter future. The same cannot be said of the West and its lost generation, where, the hungry have even been reduced to foraging trash bins for the next meal. 

Social disaffections are neutered through propaganda. If people hunger, serve them a stew of ideological hatred. If they thirst, let them slake for war. If they need a bogeyman, give them Russia. If people are demanding hard evidence over the downing of Flight MH17, start screaming "Russia is invading Ukraine."

The fix is indeed in. The Western propaganda machinery is a carousel of selective amnesia and concentrated revulsion. There has never been a shortage of nemeses du jour to shape "global thinking." Those susceptible to mob psychology today are however not fit for tomorrow's paradigm. Just what can they contribute to the New World Order? Their ideas? Their individuality?

 The dictum - Society's needs come before the individual's needs - was foreseen by an Austrian who attempted the New World Order 1.0 before "American Idealism" (version 2.0) began to collapse under the weight of its own mendacity and contradictions.

You cannot have a New World Order without bogeymen. The same scapegoats are applicable from versions 1.0 to 3.0, and we shall briefly investigate where the real Nazis are today. 

The West's Neo-Nazism

Ironically, despite throwing repeated Nazi slurs at Vladimir Putin and Russia, it is Europe that must contend with a dramatic surge in anti-Semitic attacks. According to a recent report, these attacks increased 436% in Europe, 127% in the United States and 100% in Canada for the year-on-year July tally. Men, women, children and synagogues were attacked from London to Paris to Berlin to Sydney.  As far as I know, there were no reported attacks in Russian cities during this period.

To pin these attacks on the recent Gaza conflict is rather simplistic. It ignores the reality of a Nazi resurgence across Europe, which may be why Ukraine is the current darling.

Darkness was now depicted as the light; lies as the truth. While the West thundered against Bashar al-Assad's "cruel oppression" of cannibal jihadis last year, its mainstream media largely ignored Fascism's rise in Ukraine. John Demjanjuk, recently convicted in connection to the murder of 30,000-odd inmates in the Nazi Sobibor camp, was recast as a national hero. A Joseph Goebbels Political Research Center was established to render what I assume to be Yes We Can into the Ukrainian language.

Things got so bad that the Israeli Knesset issued a protest letter against rising anti-Semitism and Russophobia in Ukraine in July 2013 - a full year before international hysteria peaked over Gaza and Eastern Ukraine. When was the last time both communities received the brunt end of the same visceral hate, followed by transnational ire? Was it the 1930s?

Even the Kapo Brigade has been gang-pressed to deflect suspicions of Nazism away from its active purveyors. The Kapos certainly will not explain the profusion of Neo-Nazi thinking, beliefs and symbolism inside the pro-Kiev Azov Battalion, where the volunteers are ominously drawn from all over Europe.  These are the West's "freedom fighters."  Kiev is the new laboratory for socially-acceptable neo-Nazism while the anti-Nazi Putin gets transposed as the new Nazi.  This repetitious inversion of reality seems to be working, at least in the West.

Concurrently, a new propaganda front was established to investigate any empirical correlation between the Russian Orthodox Church and religious nationalism. The historic bulwark role played by the Russian Orthodox Church against Nazism would naturally be a vexatious fact to be avoided altogether.  The church is now insinuated as a retrogressive force out of sync with modern realities.

The West is throwing everything at Russia, from Pussy Riot to LGBT issues to wreckages of Malaysian Boeing 777s to charges of Nazism, hoping that something eventually sticks.

1930s Redux

Not many people are comfortable with the emerging order, and they are seeing parallels between the current era and the 1930s.

Eastern Ukraine is now reminiscent of the Spanish civil war, with European volunteers offering to fight the old Fascism in the new garb. These volunteer brigades, fighting alongside pro-Russian separatists, are loosely dubbed the United Continent. Is this the "Russian invasion" that was repeatedly pledged to the international media?

Socio-economic conditions in Europe today parallel events leading up to WWII. The only element missing from the overall drama is a 1929-style Wall Street crash, followed by another Great Depression. The descent to barbarism this time will be much more rapid. It will be viral. The current Russophobia is perhaps intended to blame the imminent crash on Russia and Putin.

Alternatively, Europe's unparalleled expertise in anti-Semitism may come in handy.

In the end, the pantomime's backdrop is set. Old hatreds and memes are being moulded in the anvils and furnaces of the next great social experiment.  Can you hear the lilts of "order" and the harbingers of slaughter and sacrifice?

I conclude by referring to that Dragon in the very first sentence of my article. Did you know that there is a St. George in Russia's Coat of Arms? And he is actually treading on a dragon. I consider it a serendipitous metaphor for those who refuse to bow down to the growing tyranny.

Mathew Maavak

Aug 31, 2014

Kuala Lumpur

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