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The terrorists among us

The Crimes Against Humanity of CIA and NSA (National Sadism Agency) "HUMINT"s And Henchmen

by John Fleming

All history shows the sadism and terrorism committed by those who are not held morally accountable. In all cases, such as the secret police, powerful politicians and a ruling class, those who are not held morally responsible for their behavior have the power to resist punishment for their crimes. In America, several powerful groups are resisting punishment for their crimes, such as the capitalist ruling class, the capitalist leisure class and the secret police, namely the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and local police. Certainly, in the case of crimes by the American police, one is not discussing the rich and powerful but merely those petty functionaries with situational power. The rise of the American national security state is related to the postindustrial surplus of functionaries.

Americans are under terrorist attack. Americans are being terrorized by their own government, at taxpayer expense. Domestic operatives of the CIA and NSA (officially the National Security Agency), known sometimes as "HUMINT"s, are thickly scattered throughout the U.S. and are moles in broadcast stations, publications such as newspapers and magazines, police departments, colleges and universities, shopping malls, churches, department stores, civic and community associations, medical centers, military bases, and political parties. "HUMINT" is short for human intelligence, although there is nothing intelligent about the "assets" of hoodlums, pluguglies, assorted drug addicts and demoralized degenerates employed by the NSA and CIA. "Intelligence" agency goons are paid a salary of $10,000 to $90,000 a year, depending on whether they are part-time or full-time, their specific assignment and their experience and skills. Uneducated or poorly-educated goons are thus united with the high technology of satellites, mind-control research, and the appropriation of electronic accounts with the telephone company, such as AT&T. Additionally, in its years since creation by the National Security Act of 1947, the CIA has conducted or sponsored a few hundred experiments on mind control.

Victims of CIA and NSA henchmen are known as TIs, targeted individuals. Sometimes it is not clear why a particular American is targeted for harassment, persecution and torture, but other human targets may be socially wayward military veterans, individuals disliked by a powerful person, political dissidents and anyone of social distinction who sort of stands out as a target, such as a celebrity, or a politically-progressive celebrity. Unless military veterans are originally targeted while they are in the military and then continue to be targeted after discharge, it would be hard to account for the preference of American terrorist agencies for military veterans. The preference for political dissidents and radicals, however, is self-explanatory as in the interest of the ruling class; terrorize the trouble makers por encourager les autres, in this little model of a man. A celebrity as a TI is more explicable as the personal opportunism of the willful sadism of CIA and NSA terrorists. Some TIs are the, to Congress "unacceptable" victims of technological research on humans-a concessum propter duritiem cordis.

"HUMINT"s are thus paid by the taxpayers, who are the same people they terrorize. The terrorists can make use of satellite technology through satellite ground stations located on Air Force bases; "HUMINT"s have high level permission to enter and exit highly guarded Air Force bases, such as Eglin Air Force base in Florida, Whiteman Air Force base in Missouri and Vandenberg Air Force base in California. American terrorists use every trick in the book to terrorize victims: clicks on the telephone, spreading vile rumors about their sexuality, placing uncanny sadistic puns in the media, broadcasting noises, sounds, music, and recorded voices into their home or into their ear, forcing them to bite down in terrible pain on their tongue while asleep through satellite subliminal audio persuasion, vandalization of property, home invasion, larceny, release of flies or vermin into their home, physical assault by a satellite beam. For example, a man can be mocked as a "virgin" or pedophile, and a woman can be mocked as frigid, promiscuous or guilty of bestiality. For more information on torture and Schreck through satellite technology, see my article "The Shocking Menace of Satellite Surveillance, 3rd Ed." on the Internet. Certainly, if a man were to give it a hard phrase, vermin do but truck with the vermin.

Most Americans are ignorant of domestic terrorism committed by the CIA and NSA, and corporate broadcast media are censoring the story, though "ignorant" is not the same thing as stating "does not exist." We know the worth of water when the well is dry. At the same time, cable television, television and radio unwittingly carry double-entendres and puns intended to inflict emotional distress on targeted individuals. The CIA and NSA "ops" themselves are unscrupulous and profoundly sadistic, and if ordered to would harass their own siblings, grandparents and aunts and uncles. Nothing is sacred in terrorism, no punches are pulled. American terrorists will urinate on your furniture, inject cancer cells into you, pretend to have injected you with a fatal disease,  mock you for masturbating, report outrageous lies about you to the police, and testilie against you in court, as it is called, and when your "crimes" are reported to a police officer who is also a "HUMINT" terrorist, the effect can be extraordinary sadism, which the terrorists will rub in again and again in twist-the-knife-in-the-wound persecution. To the targetetd individual the CIA and NSA henchmen are a sort of antiChrist annihilating the golden rule (and would not hesitate to state that that rule means he who has the gold rules). What is truth?, said jesting Pilate, and would not stay for an answer.

As a concrete example, names will be given. For instance, one William Allen Schryver (date of birth, 6/8/1956), who poses as an insurance agent, is an NSA terrorist making a name for truculent sadism, such as the world has never seen, and one John F. Reddick, and one Aaron Roediger (alias Michael Youngblood), of the St. Louis County (Missouri) Police, are examples of terrorists in police uniform; in particular, Schryver is scandalizing the U.S. with his misanthropic crimes against humanity, and, now a fugitive from justice, is holed up somewhere in Missouri.

I have given the rule, whereby the world may know of the militant sadism of the  terrorist agencies. Man is heir to a thousand natural shocks; whosoever in his nature and affections would rend the shocks may quit the stage of humanity.

John Fleming

John Fleming is author of the book Word Power, available through

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