Kiev junta declares their people terrorists. Why?

The situation in the south-east of Ukraine remains extremely tense, but Kiev is not going to solve the problem in the region constructively. It appears that it is much easier to declare people terrorists and the send the army against them. A veteran of "Alpha" special group, Igor Shevchuk, shared his views on the subject with Pravda.Ru.

"The Ukrainian government and the media call the people, who advocate federalization, terrorists. What do you think they put in this notion? Is this word used to justify antiterrorist operations?"

"One needs to understand that they are juggling notions to take required advantage of them. The people, who live now in the south-east of Ukraine, that is local people, in no way can be called terrorists. In this situation, people have become defenders of their land, their interests. During Maidan events in Kiev, everyone knew that this was a violation of the Constitution, violation of law, but such accusations and formulations were not made. They fired weapons, they killed and tortured Berkut fighters. However, no one was calling them terrorists, bandits and criminals. Now we can see that the people, who stand up for their legitimate interests, are called terrorists, against whom a counter-terrorist operation can be conducted.

The situation is crazy. The defenders are common people. Losses from a military operation will be enormous. Near those captured buildings, there are civil person, who do not know a thing about military science. Some of them served in the army and can hold an automatic rifle in their hands. The troops were sent to the region to unleash a civil war. One must understand that is a very powerful information pressing of the Ukrainian population going on. Russian news channels have been blocked, there is a stream of lies coming from Ukrainian TV channels. But I hope that the people, who were sent to suppress the rebellion and conduct the so-called "anti-terrorist" operation, would talk to local people and make the right conclusions for themselves. I hope they will not shoot at their own people.

"Are there any real law-enforcement structures subordinated to the central government in Ukraine?"

"There is such a mess in Ukraine now, there is no clearly defined borders. Avakov (Acting Interior Minister - ed.) is a man from Tymoshenko's team. They are waiting for preferences from the West and try to run the line of policies that the West would be pleased with.

"Everyone has heard very aggressive statements from Tymoshenko, in particular in relation to Russia. I have no idea how Ukraine is going to live and survive now from the economical point of view."

"Acting President Alexander Turchynov appealed to UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon, asking him to deploy peacekeeping troops in Ukraine. Can it stop the bloodshed, or is there a different purpose behind it?"

"No. This is a provocative and illegal move. The US has already admitted that the CIA director had visited Kiev under a different name. We must understand that he came there not to resolve the conflict, but to prolong the situation for the benefit of American politics. The provisional government of Ukraine consults the US all the time."

"Do you think the defenders should lay down their arms or do they need to stand up tall to the last moment?"

"In no case should they lay down their arms. They are defending their native land. Kiev is going to cancel the celebration of Victory Day on May 9 - for them it is no longer a holiday. One should never believe the words that Yarosh, Yatsenuk and others say - they only lie. They create special forces across the country. These groups will consist of ordinary people, who will serve to support the policy of Euromaidan. I may assume that they will be trained by private military companies, who arrived in Ukraine in March - more than 300 people. As far as I know, Blackwater was renamed to Academy, and they also also have a subsidiary of this Academy - Greystone.

Western intelligence services have been working there for a very long time. The revolution and Maidan events can not be regarded as spontaneous events. It was the current protest in the south-east that became spontaneous. They realized that the authorities that are now sitting in Kiev, represent fascism in its purest form. They raised the flag of Bandera, but even Nazis, during the war, were amazed with the cruelty of Bandera activists against their people."

"Many U.S. and European media say that there are Russian special services behind the protests. Is this true?"

"I would not assume that there are Russian special services there. There is direct confrontation between Western and, I would say, Slavic civilizations. Back in the days, Slobodan Milosevic said in The Hague said that the West would never act with the use of honest methods. What happened to Yugoslavia and Serbia - this is only the beginning. He turned to Russians, saying: "Comrades, wait and see. It will come to you too. They will get to you, we were only the first step." And I would not say that there are Russian special services operating in Ukraine."

Prepared by Yuri Kondratyev


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov