Ukraine: Shock, anarchy, chaos

In Ukraine, bandits called by EU representatives "peaceful protesters" are robbing, beating, raping and extorting money "for the revolution." Even the "Commandant of Maidan" Andrei Paruby acknowledged that "something went wrong," although earlier he promised that "Kiev will see order it has never seen before." Pravda.Ru correspondent in Ukraine talked about these events.

On the morning of February 26 Ukrainian and international media reported the dissolution of special police unit "Berkut." In particular, Russian BBC Service informed their audience that the Acting Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov signed a decree on the Elimination of special police unit "Berkut" and reported it on his Facebook page.

Elimination of "Berkut" was proposed by deputies of the Verkhovna Rada faction "Freedom." The bill on the elimination of units that took part in the dispersal of mass protests in Kiev was registered on February 23.

For now let's put the question of the legitimacy of the newly declared "acting" heads of ministries and departments of revolutionary Ukraine aside. Instead, we will try to get a feel of the situation in the country in its entirety and Kiev and the surrounding area in particular.

Early in the morning on February 22, "the Commandant of the Maidan," Andrei Paruby declared from stage that "Maidan self-defense" was in full control of the government quarter. "Seventh unit is in the Verkhovna Rada along with a division of the "Right Sector." The Cabinet of Ministers is guarded. Nineteenth and third units are guarding the presidential administration. Fifteenth unit is guarding the interior ministry," said Andrei Paruby.

He also assured that from now on Maidan would take control of all Kiev. "It is important for us to show that when Kiev is under the control of the Maidan, Kiev will see order it has never seen before," summed up Paruby.

Taking control of the center by revolutionaries became possible on the afternoon of Friday, February 21, when last buses of internal forces left the capital of Ukraine. The security forces left as a result of the decisions taken on the night before by Ukrainian parliamentarians. Deputies voted for the Cabinet and state authorities issuing instructions on stopping the Security Service, Interior Ministry, the armed forces and other bodies from implementing anti-terrorism measures because they contradicted the Constitution .

The resolution, among other things, mandated cease fire, and the security forces units had to return to their places of permanent deployment. That, in fact, was done, and Kiev, respectively, was at the mercy of the revolutionaries and other "peaceful protesters."  

Blogger Arsen Avakov (also known as the "acting Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine") admitted the following the next day after the establishment of "the never seen before" order in Kiev. In the capital and its suburbs, it turns out, there were groups of people in masks, helmets, armed with batons and traumatic weapons and firearms. They call themselves representatives of "the Right Sector," "left wing", "Freedom party", "Maidan Self-Defense." They are acting on their own, namely, stopping and checking anyone "suspicious" and making decisions on the basis of revolutionary expediency. As a result, there were cases of burning houses, looting, and robbery. In addition to the government district, the groups acted near Borispol airport, at the perimeter of Zhuliany airport, major highways and suburbs of the capital.

Police is demoralized and this is understandable. No one wants to risk their lives trying to call to order armed masked men. Especially because there is likelihood to run into "peaceful protesters" violating whose rights to a peaceful protest would be costly. The situation is particularly tense in Kiev and the surrounding area. It is difficult to say what is happening in the western regions. There is information about the situation in the southeast bordering the center, in Dnipropetrovsk region.

In Dnipropetrovsk region extremists are no longer satisfied with pogroms and burning the offices of the Party of Regions. They have launched a full-scale persecution of party members and activists. This was stated by the press service of the Dnipropetrovsk regional organization on February 25. Here is one of the examples:   

"Eight masked men armed with automatic weapons entered the house of the chairman of Apostolovo district administration Andrei Leonov. They demanded him to resign and withdraw from the party, as well as pay them 300 thousand hryvnia. "We suffered on the Maidan, and you've been stealing money," they shouted, waving their arms. Andrei Leonov was able to call police. When the police arrive, there was gun fight in the center of Apostolovo. Some were wounded, some criminals managed to escape." End of quote.

One would assume that the opponents of the Maidan are trying to discredit the revolutionaries and exaggerating the events. But in the afternoon of February 26 suspicions that something was wrong were confirmed by "the Commandant of the Maidan." Under the guise of "Self Defense" in Kiev some gangs are looting. This was stated by Andrei Paruby on air to "Channel 5" a couple of hours after Avakov's statement about the dissolution of "Berkut." "We have to protect dozens of objects and deal with people who have gone beyond morality," explained Andrei Paruby.

But on the same day in the late afternoon the "Commandant of Maidan" was "backstabbed" by his fellow "Fatherland" party member Gennady Moskal, who said that an armed group calling itself "self-defense" engaged in robbery in the regions.  

"People armed with firearms have created stable gangs and attack property and residential complexes of the representatives of the former government," read a statement released by his press service.

According to Gennady Moskal, these people are robbing abandoned houses, taking valuables, there are even cases of rape. Also groups of masked people with guns "stop vehicles, insult passengers and demand money allegedly to support the revolution."

"Especially defiant are the gangs of criminals who are part of 31st and 33th units of Maidan self-defense. The 31st unit is headed by Sasha Bunker, and the 33rd unit is armed with ten Kalashnikovs. Furthermore, there is an unknown organization UPA "SWAT" armed with nearly 20 shotguns and nine Kalashnikovs," said Gennady Moskal.

According to him, some of the active parts of the 31st and 33rd units are transported by a vehicle with Verkhovna Rada license plate AA 0019 BP.

The MP demanded that the head of Maidan Andrei Paruby takes the situation under control.

"If Mr. Paruby is in charge of the 31st and 33th units, he has to put them in their place and finally ban masks (especially given that Yanukovych's regime has been already overthrown), or accept the responsibility for these outrageous acts," he said.

Gennady Moskal asked Interior Minister Arsen Avakov to take immediate action to protect civilians. "We must stop the arbitrariness of these gangs to avoid compromising the idea of Euro Maidan," said the MP.  

It appears that Gennady Moskal is still not satisfied with the effect of his statement because in the morning of February 27 he made ​​another one.

Representatives of some Maidan units have stolen cars from the residence of President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. This was announced today in the Verkhovna Rada, said "Fatherland" lawmaker Gennady Moskal to a correspondent of RBC-Ukraine.

"Increasingly more units are arriving to Kiev. They are looting, stealing cars from the residence of Yanukovich, destroying property, getting into apartments. I do not support these people and do not treat them with respect, but we should not turn Maidan into a gang, steal art and alcohol, or shoot. How can a unit have ten machine guns and 20 shotguns?" said Gennady Moskal.

Can the decisions made recently, particularly by the Verkhovna Rada, be considered legitimate if the government is protected by the Maidan self-defense?

Chances are that the hostages of Banderivtsy/bandits are all residents of the government quarter. They not only include regional representatives and Communists (the latter, in particular, vote unanimously for any suggestions of the revolutionaries). It is understandable because meetings of Rada are broadcast and displayed on a large screen, and the exit from the parliament is "guarded" by the Maidan self-defense. The opposition trinity (Yatsenuk - Klitschko - Tyahnibok) are also held hostage by them, let alone completely defenseless civilian population.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov