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European Union drives Portugal into Third World

By Nicolas Bonnal

What did the membership in the European Union bring the countries not belonging to the Anglo-Saxon civilization? What conclusions should be made by neophytes in the post-Soviet area that are so eager to embrace foreign, in geopolitical terms, mentality of Brussels? Famous French philosopher Nicolas Bonnal talked about it with Pravda.Ru using the example of Portugal.   

"Upon my return from a short trip to Portugal, the country crushed by the crisis and promising to turn into a zombie in the future, I ask myself, what is the point of Schumpeter's famous formula of creative destruction? History taught us that destruction is always destructive and very rarely creative. But back to Portugal, a country devastated by the creation of the European construction.

The catastrophe, first, is of demographic nature. People are depressed, do not have children; fertility rate fell to nine per thousand. The destruction of Mediterranean countries has been programmed, even if Portugal is facing the Atlantic. Young people, especially educated ones, are leaving to find work, cities are emptied out as once were emptied mountain villages as a result of the exodus called rural. Modern life continues to do its work on the destruction of peoples and cultures. The matrix must feel at home ​​everywhere.

Today, Portugal has become a real third world country. Most salaries are around 400 euros per month. The minimum wage is under 500 euros a month, and this is in a country where life continues to be expensive, and where housing is particularly costly. After all, these are the characteristics of a contemporary third world country - low earnings and expensive life. It is the same poor country as Bolivia where people earn a little but do not need much. The transformation of the population of the country into the third world population is the desired effect by Berlin and Brussels; it is a factor that should not be ignored. Wolfgang Schauble talked about a wonderful and original experience referring to Europe. This is where we find ourselves when ten million Germans receive salaries at the level of Slovaks.

Portugal is a country crushed by debts originating from the introduction of the euro, from the process of creating the EU and all subsequent taxes that will finally strangle the economy. Those disgruntled may leave, and everyone else must tremble. Taxes here are invented every day like in South America of 1970s and 1980s where people have to pay to be assisted by an ambulance.

Elimination of Portugal made ​​me think of the queen in "Snow White," a wonderful film by Rupert Sanders. The queen kills not only the body, she also sucks out the soul in one breath. Portugal brought civilization to a considerable part of the world, its cultural and architectural heritage is immense, and great literature created by it includes Camoes and Pessoa. All of it is forgotten, buried, sunk deep under the general nihilism forcing material Americanism of the modern culture on TV.

Triumph of Democracy: I have read that some strong pro-European minds are particularly afraid that people will reject the democracy. Because democracy is ruining peoples, destructing the spirit, causing demographic liquidation, intellectual terrorism and dictatorship of political correctness. Anyone who rebels against this string of horror is regarded as a dictator. One of the greatest architects of the Portuguese ruins Barroso is a patron of the European Commission, a lover of super-yachts and a former student - Maoist. We are forcefully taught lessons in democracy in an increasingly menacing tone, while democracy is all of the above.

I had similar impressions of Ireland: an extinct, lifeless country where taxes were doubled, thirty thousand employees laid off, pensions lowered, and pockets of citizens cleared of sixty billion (in a nation with four million population). 67 percent of families with children barely make the ends meet. Ireland that was once a country of saint monks, a country of Joyce and John Ford, Swift and George Bernard Shaw, has nothing to say since it has democracy, and its newspapers owned by financial groups replaced writers who no longer exist. Of course, in these two martyr countries we never stop undermining the Christianity and patronize Islamism and multiculturalism.

Destruction of the European nations is evident. To calm down those disgruntled and tourists there are folk villages (in the words of Guy Debord, ancient culture is frozen). But I insist on the idea that the outcome of Europe of Frankfurt, that is, German Europe, Europe of Brussels, has horrific and deadly consequences that our "collective stupor" can hardly imagine. Take an evening walk in the center of Lisbon and see for yourself. And stop living with eyes wide shut.

Nicolas Bonnal

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