The West delighted with Obama's 'boycott' of 'Putin's Olympics'

The U.S. delegation that will be attending Sochi 2014 does not include President Obama, but includes former Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano, Ambassador McFaul, adviser Nabors, and several athletes, including an out lesbian Billie Jean King. The opposition and Western media are delighted with Obama's "boycott" of "Putin's Olympics," while experts are talking about "childish behavior."

For some reason everyone forgets that French President Sarkozy, former U.S. President George Bush, as well as heads of Estonia, Poland, Austria and the Czech Republic intended to boycott the 2008 Olympics in Beijing but in the end all showed up at the opening ceremony. Does anyone remember that Russian President Vladimir Putin did not attend the Olympics in the U.S. Salt Lake City and Vancouver, Canada? Were the American and Russian opposition media happy about the "boycott"? Why not?

The actions of the U.S. president did not raise the question of the consequences of this move (especially given Putin's absence at the western Olympics), but rather the causes of this "childish resentment." Why is Barack Obama so offended? If the "Magnitsky Act" can be called a geopolitical game with a stretch, then sending gay athletes is similar to Putin deciding to send Svetlana Peunova, a fighter with reptilians, as an ambassador to the U.S. (this is after the IOC ruled that the Russian legislation does not violate human rights).

Could the reason be that Russia and personally Russian President prevented the U.S. invasion to Syria  after which the world media announced the victory of the "tough guy Putin over Obama who does not keep his promises," and some Europeans and Americans frankly stated that they would like someone like Putin to be their president?

Could the reason be that the Russian Federation has returned to the big geopolitics and untied the Middle East knot, bringing on its side Moldova, Armenia, India, Vietnam and even longtime U.S. partners, the Saudis?

Could the reason be the agreement with Ukraine, where despite the blackmail and pressure from the U.S. and the EU, Russia withdrew from the Western economy by investing in brotherly state? Could it be that the head of the "main democracy on the planet" understands that amid the collapsed rating, a U.S. default that nearly happened and numerous internal problems he looks lackluster?

"I think here in the first place Obama's resentment plays its role. It is no secret that Obama looks like a pawn on a chessboard as compared with the king on the background of the President of Russia," said in an interview with Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Igor Lebedev. He added that the Russian leader was "ahead" of his American counterpart "in all respects," including influence. "Russia in recent years has only strengthened its position and has responded to the political, economic, and geopolitical challenges of the Americans," he said. "Obama does not see any other way to jab the strong country and decided to act like he is in a kindergarten."

The parliamentarian said that if Obama does not attend the Olympics, it is not a big deal. "The Olympics will be held in our country, it will be great. All sports facilities are ready, the athletes are ready, teams are arriving, and it will be a real celebration for all professionals and fans," said Igor Lebedev. He also noted that "if the opening of the Olympics is not attended by Obama, no one will be hurt or disappointed except for the American athletes." "I think Obama's image will subsequently suffer more as representation of other countries will be much more prominent," noted the deputy.

If anyone should be offended, it is the U.S. team being used for political purposes. However, after Obama gave away his ambassador to Benghazi (the United States knew about the attack, and the military offered to evacuate the embassy, ​​but Obama refused), why be surprised?

Or could that be that Obama decided to give the Americans a reason to be proud of something? What else to do if diplomacy fails, the national debt is at trillions, China is demanding reports on the invested billions from Obama, and the partner countries are turning away from the guiding hand?

They can be proud of it, Russia is not greedy.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov