Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Nuclear crisis was manufactured by the West

For years, some world powers have intentionally sought to use polemic against the Iranian nuclear program, repeating accusations, preventing diplomatic negotiations from proceeding in a logical and satisfying manner. In the past ten years, the Islamic Republic of Iran did not hesitate to make every effort to answer questions.

by Ali Mohagheg *

The attitude taken and sandblasting of these powers in relation to the Tehran Declaration, which was the result of diplomatic negotiations between the Islamic Republic of Iran, Brazil and Turkey, with the intention of resolving the Iranian nuclear problem, is a small example.

In the past ten years, the Islamic Republic of Iran did not hesitate to make every effort to answer questions. The International Atomic Energy Agency has frequently said they have not found any evidence to demonstrate the deviation of the activity or nuclear material for military purposes.

Constant baseless accusations left the process open. It is necessary to end this impasse. But what is the purpose of the constant polemic? The following explanations may help to clarify this issue:

1. The superpowers never conform to what their leaders and dominations were unseen to the world. They continue with the same idea that any measure, even in the area of scientific and technological advances, should have its seal of recognition. Any challenge in this sense that this hegemony will affect serum terrible nightmare. The dilemma of the Iranian nuclear program, even if according to the LWA is the seal of recognition of the superpowers.

 2. It was 65 years ago that the Palestinian issue became the core issue and core problem in the Middle East. Some powers try to deflect, emphasizing the Iranian nuclear issue, and create an artificial crisis, leaving the Palestinian issue on the back burner and putting the Iranian nuclear program as the prime subjent matter  in the Middle East.

 3. They show Iran as a major threat, demonizing Iran in the region, to favor a good and very profitable market for companies producing weapons, western billionaires with agreements, signed between the rich oil countries of the Middle East and western countries. This does demonstrate how the past decade is going. Therefore, these powers are not keen to resolve the Iranian nuclear case through negotiation techniques and prefer to continue with the dispute through unfounded accusations, and propagandizing it in the headlines of the international media.

The existence of duplicitous criteria complicated the situation further. How can the west plead that only a few countries in the Middle East need monitoring and questioning about its nuclear activities?This highlights the insincerity of the advocates of transparency.

These "double standards" were also practiced on Iran at certain times. Before the victory of the Islamic revolution, the Iranian government as the main U.S. ally in the region, received suggestions by western countries to start a nuclear program. They encouraged Iran and facilitated the process of this proposal.

Tehran's nuclear research plant was shown at that time. including the installation of the Buchehr plant, was also designed at the same time with the agreement signed with western countries. With the victory of the revolution in Iran and moving out of the field of allies of the west, the situation was reversed and turned to the current situation.

We emphasize that nuclear weapons have no place in the doctrine and principles of Iranian defense. The supreme leader of the revolution, Aiatolla Khamenei, publicly decreed the prohibition of the development, accumulation and use of nuclear weapons.

Iran will never accept more than their commitments as part of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and will not retreat even one step less in relation to their inalienable right to the peaceful use of energy, including uranium enrichment for peaceful purposes.

Not a constructive policy as is dialogue, sanctions continue with the threat of a military strike on nuclear facilities, and terrorist attacks against nuclear scientists.

Depoliticization and depolarization of the International Atomic Energy Agency, reviewing the subject with the UN Security Council for the Agency, and dialogue are the only civilized means can take the place of the ambiguous, that has existed!

Iran is the most reliable, strategic and stable country in the region, and has great potential to solve regional and global problems.

It is clear that the policy practice of dialogue and simultaneous economic sanctions is a failure.

Therefore, we invite the few countries that have policies of animosity against Iran for decades to correct their approach in order to cooperate and abandon the politics of confrontation. The window of opportunity is still open.


*Iran's Press Attaché; Embassy of Iran in Brasilia

Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova