Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Save our land, where Jews and Arabs get along!

Save this great nation, which does not use genocidal ethnic methods against groups; Save this country whose problems reside only in the authorities incapable, incompetent, corrupt and dishonest...

by Francisco Bendl

As for the Jewish people, who are always on the lookout for any news that is broadcast on international media whose intent is critical to their behavior on this sensitive issue with Palestine, they deserve to be reprimanded, yes.

Without much effort, imagine the world reaction if Jews were in the situation of the Palestinians, with them having a large army, building a wall of shame, and forcing the people to live in ghettos! Thus, the boycott of Israel is valid and I agree with it because it is peaceful and a way to show dissatisfaction with the way the Jews are inhumanely treating their Arab cousins.

I have gotten amazing photos of the crisis between the Palestinians and Israelis through Blogs international records that are not published in Brazil, causing outrage by the absolute overkill as the reaction is performed in front of Palestinian demonstrations.

 UN Condemnations

However, they have been amazed because of the number of condemnations Israel suffered by the UN, but nothing was done to this country to fulfill even part of over two hundred warnings handed down.  There is a clear tendency in favor of the Jews in this issue to gradually exterminate the Palestinians, be they elderly, women, children, no matter, committing genocide with relentless impunity, shameful to the human race, even in the case of a nation - Israel - that has collaborated much with the world with their scientists, medicine and other sciences.

Nothing can be considered different in the treatment of Palestinians by the Israelis as that blacks were subjected to through the hateful and repulsive Apartheid. And there was no nation to stand up against the crimes that were committed daily against the South African population!

Unfortunately it is the same with the Palestinians, who are victims of massacres and no country that will categorically tell the Jews:  Simply. No more free killings, blood running down innocent Palestinian side streets and inside the Israeli walls, of course, infinitely less in proportion.

Yoke of Cowardice

The truth is that we live under the yoke of cowardice where the weakest are nothing that have to be ruthlessly exploited submitted to the powerful. The interests and conveniences speak louder; international trade agreements, the tactical and strategic, supplant human life.

Arabs, Africans, are currently the people of this planet humiliated, abused, and exploited, causing a revolt in the midst of the people

While Jews attack with helicopters, F-16, F-18, extremely sophisticated weapons, the Arabs immolate themselves, die in defense of their cause, also killing innocents in an endless vicious circle, fueled by hatred, intolerance, prejudice, pride, arrogance and arrogance!

Approve and applaud this trade boycott on Israeli goods.

Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova