Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Syrian terrorists confess to murder and kidnapping of civilians

A member of a terrorist group in Syria has confessed to killing and kidnapping civilians and theft of public and private institutions, it was announced on Sunday on the Syrian official news agency, SANA. Linda Ataolá confessed after surrendering to Syrian security forces in the district of Ghoiran, in the northeastern city of Al-Hasakah.

The terrorist group Al-Nusra Front, says Ataolá, had ordered her to cooperate with armed men, apparently, and she was responsible for sending provocative rebel messages to Syrian Army forces.

Linda Ataolá has witnessed the assassinations of officials of public institutions for refusing to help terrorist groups.

On Friday, more than 150 members of terrorist groups surrendered to the Syrian army in various parts of the Arab country.

Syrian Army forces continue to develop cleaning operations in various parts of the country to end terrorist perpetrators of the riots and violence engulfing the country.

For over two years, Syria has been the scene of riots perpetrated by terrorists, financed and directed from abroad, in order to overthrow the government in Damascus.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Human Rights Network called on ''all those involved in carrying arms to lay down their arms and help the Syrian army to restore security and stability across Syria.''

The network pointed to several decrees and decisions that granted amnesty to those who lay down arms.

''This way, we would be helpful in stemming the bloodshed in Syria,'' added the network.

Translated from the Spanish version by:

Lisa Karpova

Translator's note:

In this column, several times, information has been divulged about alleged false flag attempts by the Syrian terrorist groups and their western backers to deploy chemical weaponry, blame the Syrian government and therefore create an excuse to invade. Remember Saddam's Weapons of Mass Destruction? Remember the accusations that Colonel Gaddafi was bombing his own people, then when Saif al-Islam al-Qathafi asked SKY News to show him where the bombs had fallen, they couldn't?

As it happened, the event in Syria did not as yet take place, either because the terrorists and their handlers in the west knew that the ploy had been outed, or else they had not yet got their hands on chemical weapons. Today, in the likely event that chemical weaponry has been deployed, we have a potential game changer.

But that game changer will not come about until the blame is laid at the feet of Damascus by hook or by crook. They will continue trying, they will use every dirty game in the book, they will use lies, blackmail, deceit and skullduggery over diplomacy, they will throw all their resources into the ring...